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November 30, 2017


literally everyone i know is going through extreme duress over
the current regime. i've spoken with doctors, nutritionists, and
psychologists as well; the talk about more patients, people
unable to deal with the harsh realities of proto-fascism (my
word). i retreat to the world of 1940 and stumble over memories
not my own, already in world war, but something on the homefront
that merits a momentary calm, the ground in the ground, the rock
in the rock, the lake in the lake. this is not networking, not
the furious and miserable broadcasts available every day on 1940
radio, 2017 media, the remaining relatively free channels
groping through lies and violence in so many directions, the
viewer or reader or listener is left reeling. now go through the
rock in the lake, the lake in the ground, boundaries everywhere,
friends drowning, acquaintances crushed. return now to the rock,
the plant, the lake, the ground, return to anything that keeps
you sane and functional. this is not electronic, this is what is
there, what is that is, and pause for a moment. a page will
never turn, a page will turn. we are all, here, distraught, and
we claw our way through subversions of our own violence, lest me
die before our time.

Just found this site, which has some digilit history behind it -

Alt-X published Mark Amerika, myself, and a number of other seminal 
writers way back when; you can download the books gratis! from the site. 
Do take a look, this is proto-digital at its literary (?) best ( :-) )
alt x e books

you'll get there! heh!

- Alan

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