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December 4, 2017

seep mouths, little puzzle


these are communities i love and hold on just a second have
everything reviewers fan fiction authors online learners cameras
and so forth alienates of us finds pre internet his 3 in the see
tons of online camera in common i tend to worry sometimes i like
to 10 this look and think that is pressing right against me now
i'm here but the problem is that if there is a problem has to do
with fake nudes and the waves, nudes or so dominating our images
now dominating images of well what's going on in the down below
down there,elsewhere with a stack of journalist how can a look
like this survive except as a trace of a particular line, these
are communities i love how to hold on to me for a second
everything fans lovers online leaders cameras photographing and
so forth tentative of us finds us in his and her in the sex tons
of lines cameras in common i tend to worry sometimes so much
about all of this that's pressing against me now muddies in my
mind mouth open receiving whatever anyone is putting in but the
problem is there's anything that has to do with fake nudes mood
nude and the waves bait or dominatrix images now dominatrix of
wells down which were flowing into the sump administered by
hospital attendents and doctors elsewhere with a stack or rack
of hearts how can anyone survive except that through grade or
sex in a particular mine, this is mine, this is common we're all
common here . no you come to me here in me and mine no now you
come to me to main here in main you mind main you receive me you
receive whatever i have to offer young language dominate made
you language dominate, i'm at ministered by you through the
grade or grave of sex through bodies that are mind through mind
body gravitation you dominate the way i think nico and zulu
you're pressing against me you press so hard thank you go
through may and we both come out the other side. this is fake
news this is something bait something raktha over both of us we
come inside ourselves and outside ourselves this is no truth at
all this is nothing at all but brutal this is nothing at all but
brutal rape peeing on the part of the powers that control this
language. remember this because you too will be coming to grieve
inside and out among the rest of us. i tremble for you i ramble
i'm wondering if it is worth speaking when your mouth is already
bad when our mouths are already bandaged.

little puzzle

k1% more or more or less
more or more or less
or less
more or
more or
more or more or less
or less
more or
more or
or less

Qin improvisation, networking and tales double qin qin qin

In realityrip, two qin were used; towards the end, the first
string breaks on the lower-pitched one. You can also hear
occasional tuning-up during the improvisation. So there is a
continuing adventure; towards the end, the musical structure
comes together in a complex way. When a qin string breaks
(actually the tuning peg threadings), it's not easy to fix, but
for a short time, the music goes on. In rattler and zrw, only
one qin is used, but the music builds on realityrip. All these
function together. They were recorded in one session, with a
pause after the first and longest piece. I'm preparing for an
upcoming event in New York, excited about the new release of our
latest ESP album, with Stephen Dydo, Dragon and Phoenix!

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