The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

January 2, 2018


i dont know what id do with what i found its as if i couldnt say
anything to them fine gentlemen and ladies what with all the
things that were going on around here but to be sure it was
breathtaking what was happening to their bodies and invited me
along they did and i joined them at the hip as it were and the
brain too and we were so quick to understand each other and
share parts of each other in the time that the earth seemed
whirling and the sky whirling as well and even the water was
absconding with part of something over there where the well was
and since those times it was just as you might think that
something new was coming after the railroad and the bells that
almost seemed to run by themselves in the latter days were
living in among the others who though i cant tell might be the
same as weve been only a bit earlier or later and i know this
because theres something missing in the way they look at me you
know and its something almost uncanny like a ghost i read about
once and even now i'm not sure what its about but at least i'm
not going anywhere soon at least not in this lifetimes

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