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Work Slowdown, Apocalypse, Earth Qin

*/- Napped this afternoon; I'd been dreaming that our car was
highjacked in NY somewhere near east of SOHO by three white
punks, two guys and a girl with pink hair; I was driving, Azure
with me, we were terrified, the girl reached between us and
grabbed a sentimental carving of several people around a table
that I'd given Azure; I thought this is it, turned the car
around and floored it towards a barrier across the road, in a
blurred apocalyptic landscape in pastel colors; as the car
approached the barrier - as the barrier approached the car at a
furious speed - I woke up - /*

Due to recent events, I'm thinking about slowing down my daily
work posting at this point (it began in 1994). My mind's getting
the better of me; I have almost no access to tools and none to
real-life community. My close friends and collaborators have
disappeared; I have very few actual readers or listeners on Fb,
almost none on the moribund G+. I don't want to complain about
this constantly. I think what I've created on a daily basis, is
of interest; I've turned increasingly to the natural world as
I've felt unable to access much of the technology I otherwise
need. I dream of Kickstarter as a way to fuel my work but I have
no specific project in mind (more of a field of investigation).

In the meantime, if you're interested in my work - alone or with
others - pretty much everything recent is on my website, , with additional videos on YouTube.
The files date back at least to 1996 and are downloadable (file
by file, but there are tools available for mass retrieval). I
don't know of course how long I can keep it running; I pay for
it. The point is, you can take what you want from it, as long as
it's up; for me, that's also a form of dissemination and
archiving. The whole runs to over 20 gb, which for 24 years of
work isn't that much. (I do have archives, more or less, at
three universities, but they're all out of date.) I urge you to
save anything that might be of interest to you.

I have a few venues coming up, and I do hope to keep going, in
the form of DIM, do it myself (a dim light indeed) or working
with Azure. And if you're ever in town (now Providence,
hopefully somewhere else in the future), please contact me of
course. Thanks, Alan

EOF, end of file for the dead on the other side of the barrier -


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