The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

January 16, 2018

gone from you


Mon Jan 15 10:50:50 EST 2018 op died in a number of bodies uv
has taken strings to iberia Mon Jan 15 10:56:48 EST 2018 wx
banned me from labs and houses Mon Jan 15 10:57:15 EST 2018


Mon Jan 15 10:50:50 EST 2018 ab disappeared after working on
two albums and twenty programs Mon Jan 15 10:51:20 EST 2018 cd
moved to the upper midwest Mon Jan 15 10:51:37 EST 2018 ef
left for the gambling city in the desert gh disappeared into
moving madness and anxiety ab died in terrible poverty Mon Jan
15 10:52:22 EST 2018 ij vanished into tragedy of the highest
and lowest order Mon Jan 15 10:53:00 EST 2018 kl dissolved
after the requirement of 'getting' someone Mon Jan 15 10:53:39
EST 2018 mn headed into european stardom Mon Jan 15 10:54:00
EST 2018 qr is netherlands and music Mon Jan 15 10:55:05 EST
2018 st has left and left the virtual Mon Jan 15 10:55:36 EST
2018 yzs' silent horizons, dim with fields and frozen rivers
Mon Jan 15 10:57:51 EST 2018 cd is mountains and wilderness's
other Mon Jan 15 10:57:51 EST 2018 ef has disappeared gh

the dart
the cutlass
the chain
the rope
the dirk
the lance

the hammer
the woman
the man

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