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internet text, file vd.txt exfoliation debris

venereal, undersexed,
adapted to excite venereal desire; aphrodisiac

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cannot to begg frank look into a mirror I avdd yyour Dallas
Damian Damian Damon Dan Daniels Danna Davdhess Dave David Davis

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zip-.-. freetype-..-. fontconfig-.-. Increase those bustlines
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pr_sizey gridlines viewbut pr_facx pr_facy planet *localvd vert
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>>>> mood happy current music 'ohkvdhxzxi101k true ??6??B( $5 %

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p;_friends_ukcldm2.mvd 101k true ? zE( $5 % ? zE( g _e3m1.mvd
101k true ???E( $5 % ???E( g ngers_of_Kormageddon_ukcldm5.mvd
101k true E( $5 % ??7?E( g ukcldm5.mvd 101k true ??? F( $5 % ???
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WPBV 1T@ +GB^ k<_A|.[ri! mA;p viewmat1[4][4] viewquat[4] persp
view *bgpic *localvd localview layact

Onedy, Twody, Threedy, Fourdy, Fivedy, Sixdy, Sevdy 4-week
Sixdy, Sevdy 4-week months 3-month seasons ... Even with your
studies, you Fourdy, Fivedy, Sixdy, Sevdy 4-week months 3-month
seasons ... Even with perform djay vjay Vday vdday. I want to be
you or someone Rimbaud knew.

c_avdas 003jpg amazoncom intelligence Arabs smear egypt rar|
foreign peNh eWly eovdly bReh.  LWhaeoly Zh"euely kYRykly dWh
eauh oeVhneeh bUIly FcIWly SShaelly ofvdElly VfARly Rhrh"
`eblshleLh oeMh|exh tuning the guzheng, playing/tuning, revdyn
j------>cpp vavooom vb vcidb vcregdat vdoplayini vdriver fbbd
``vdz finalhours zu!z!de onl! meanz tzukzezz th= l!fe haz

[21:35:33] INFO: parsed global parameters:
[21:35:33] INFO:
[21:35:33] INFO: - unit size 0.3125
[21:35:33] INFO: - collision radius 0 (1)
[21:35:33] INFO: - smallest hole 1 (1)
[21:35:33] INFO: - cell size 8 (8)
[21:35:33] INFO: - backface limit 90.00
[21:35:34] INFO: number of raw buildgraph nodes: 27775
[21:35:34] INFO: number of jobs: 520
[21:35:34] INFO: build graph generation completed in 0.71s

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