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January 24, 2018

Debris Field: Notes on Scatter Semiotics Revised

"Truth is inseparable from the illusory belief that from the
figures of the unreal one day, in spite of all, real deliverance
will come."

- Adorno

Mythologies of spew, avalanche, granularity, pour.

[sc(c)Vcc(t)er]: scatter, splatter smatter, spatter, shatter,
sputter, spitter, spotter, slobber, slather, shudder, stammer,
skipper, swatter, swabber, swapper, [...]

Splatter/spatter imply fluidity; scatter/shatter imply hardness,
hardening (shattered glass), sinter, pulverized matter, small
objects, etc. There are exceptions: The villages were scattered
on the hillside.

Scatter semiotics - the trajectories of sand, powder, fragments,
small objects, part objects, marbles and avalanches; however for
us it presents itself as an image or temporal cut. Time is
inference, reconstruction. The image is that of the _debris
field_ - _this_ is what happened here; _these_ are what we think
are the events leading up to the evidence (a narrowing of
focus); _these_ may be the physics and intentions, micro-
histories involved. The dynamics is inferred; unlike splatter
semiotics, which considers an ongoing emission devoid or emptied
of truth value, perhaps appearing sourceless - without a clear
and emerging image or evidence of a state-of-affairs - the
debris field appears to resonate with a classical order of the
world; the field is encapsulated, possesses a metric and
taxonomy, and so forth.

Consider the ipseity of the world, the trace, ./traceroute :
traceroute: has multiple addresses; using
traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 40 byte
  1  panix1 (  0.034 ms  0.073 ms  0.018 ms
The vector narrows; everything operates as it should, the car
carries itself up the stairs, what exfoliates collapses.

Ipseity, selfhood, individual identity: the collapse. Thusness,
things as they are, the obdurate, granular, hardening, the car
which is not a car, the structure or confabulation of things,
the skein of things and structures, the skein of momentum,
tensors, the shattering of the encasement or embodiment that
constitutes the cage or three-dimensional Jordan surface
surrounding the occupants of a vehicle or somewhat coherent
moving structure as a vector transport sufficiently slow in
relation to c that relativistic effects play no role.

And here in these images: An initial event (a car at high speed
rocketing up stairs to its destruction) and its debris field
(the car owns the debris field, the car is the agent of the
field, the behavior-action of the driver is the impulse of the
agent). The field is a fossil, an articulation, a material cut
into everyday life, part of everyday life, the graphic lineage
of the impulse. (See below.*)

The debris field may be the image-imaginary of splatter
semiotics; splatter semiotics may be the loosening of debris;
neither may involve the other; they may be entangled,
inextricable; they may be separable according in terms of set
theory, or inseparable in terms of fuzziness, dynamics, fast-
forward dynamics processing. There is no there there; there is
always there there. Null and void, replete; particle and wave,

The mythology:

Debris || classical physics, Newton; +/- tending towards digital
Splatter || fluid dynamics, Irigaray; +/- tending towards analog
Debris ~ inscription, set theory, statics
Splatter ~ fissure, same-same, dynamics


< skipper, swatter, swabber, [...]
>    skipper [...]
< surrounding the occupants of a vehicle or somewhat coherent
>    surrounding the occupants of a vehicle or somewhat coherent
< semiotics; splatter semiotics may be the loosening of debris;
>    semiotics; splatter semiotics may be the loosening of debris;

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