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January 26, 2018

empty mountain, empty sky, empty rain mountain mountain, sky rain, qin mountain, earth

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Debris ||    classical physics, Newton; +/- tending towards
Debris ||    digitalmemory. Oddly, I was sitting in the back seat,
Debris ||    reaching towards the front;
Debris ||    2018

injections, ended up screaming; always felt I was deformed;
still remember

empty mountain, empty sky, empty rain If I die tomorrow Your
death-like SERIF!!! San Serif, Mhhwurx Pbvd. Mhhwurx Ateer.
Mhhwurx vtk. pentorm tot myseh. pulverized matter, small objects
I create music because I find music a problem. It is a walk by
the Thames on a rainy night. Thu Jan 25 21:53:01 STD 2018
Splatter || fluid dynamics, Irigaray; +/- tending towards analog
sondheim pts/41 pool-108-12-251-11.prvdri.  9:48PM 0 w sondheim
||    entire life; I feel the fragility of flesh, fragility of the
world memory of golden hair. I remember a kind of melting into
herappeared with different names in my early writing still
associate her with the Magdalene. And somewhere and who I think
went to an asylum was sent to an asylum. by one or another
parent. or someone. or an aura around the sun. or that golden
hair. or that aura.

qin labor close-up

recording from the side of a beautiful qin,
the labor is clearly audible,
part of the aesthetic of the instrument;
now preparing for the concert tomorrow night,
the labor perpetuates itself into the murk
of memory, of memory of the future perfect,
& into that good night,
of which I will not go gentle.

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