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January 28, 2018

(please note, computer acting up, we're in nyc, forgive me for not replying for 
a few days)


the body
the microbiomes of the body
the viral communities of the body
the bacterial communities and their interactivites
the chemical soups
the dynamics of the soups and communities and microbiomes
the electrical impulses and quantum molecular behaviors
the graavitational interactions and the pulsing of pumps
the quantum-dynamical behaviors of the neural networkings
the neural skeins and sheathes
the hardened coagulations of bones teeth and cartilage
the implantations of metals and plastics in bones and teeth
the implantations of plastic in eyes and glass before the eyes
the layers of plant and animal fabrics and plastics on surfaces
the layers between and below and above suraces
the motions of the body and its changing structures
the changing structures and liquidities and gasses of the body
the excretions and dynamics and compositions of the excretions
the microbiomes of the excretions
the inhaling and mixing and exhaling of the gases
the microbiomes of the gases
the desiccations of liquids upon the surfaces
the layers of the surfaces
the zoology of the surfaces and hair ecologies of the body

&   last night's music, Azure and myself
images by Stephen Dydo

&   Azure photographed Stephen and myself
&   those images were lost in  the computer crash

&  about music, sarang

physicality of sound
in a world without sound, for whom serve these structures
&    in that devoid world, what might have formed them
&    of what might have moved them & for what ends

this is the work on the road.

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