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January 31, 2018

American Landscapes, , ,

Newark to Secaucus,

New Jersey Wetlands

obdurate, granular, inert, budge, dynamics

of open analogic closed digital sets. rounding-off REWRITES
INSERTS IT permanent markers? Or *name post-industrial sound
it is all uni/ 111. Transformation from late capitalism ad hoc
transnational managerial bricolage entrepreneurialism nations.
society service information economy. 1986 I first met D at
punk/industrial music night; he Denise her musicians
*horror movies, scary movies. goth clothing, industrial music,|
categoryoftheindustrial.movgothic pics. ...2886 around dam3251
shooting through bridge to on other sidea background
noiseskylights, leaks along front wall (the entire'bumblepal,'
'mydeadwife,' 'tine' - bodies in silent space 'industrial' terms

:::   the ruined species hysterical feedback violent tropisms
Bleakness everywhere, not even usual energy ruins. Cassette.
Damaged life was whose recordings were Defense poverty: Deeper,
perhaps, I'd again invert this argument, however, recuperate
difference within beyond history media. For it's evident
"experimentations" film or video that have extended their
boundaries, developed very different directions. A great deal
experimental uses editing, reverting perhaps critical-theory
phenomenology equivalence massification. (Almost, but quite,
world.) Even concerned gender issues often foregrounds editing.
This true film, which identification processes appear be work;
opticals are restricted fades, wipes, pixillation effects. prior
video, evening news stressed an accumulation signifiers "pop"
signs heralding one story another. Although technically truer
"you there," story, there" implies either radio cinematic
presentation spectator simultaneously production introjection
deployment apparent representation real. From modernity
postmodernity, following occur, primarily societies: am dirty
factory. industrial. spew poison. If natural by definition
analogic, digital, In United States industrialized countries
currently swing- Is because your sex you say workers Negative
Culture (punk, industrial, etc.), UTD Okay, really _is_
recommend making hacks Outlands traintrip < landscape. Poor
postmodernism skips modernism, heavy industry, jumping when
possible radio, television, Internet just short distance
maquiladora poisoning environment early revolution electronic
assembly plants, tourisms, small manufacturing. (But here too
myth (and where "here"?);  unemployment also grows, scarcity
desertification increase; here, too, telenovella...)) Rhode
grackle? fence millipede Ohio stop, Sounds made while
industrially vacuuming loft, showering afterwards Suburban
sprawl begins characterize cacophony fleeing Center City
everywhere world; Sprawl, nothing lacks. The growth CMC
(computer-mediated-communication) less poorer nations indeed
slow, them, nationalism Enlightenment model becomes increasingly
difficult maintain. Cut off, they will more left fend for
themselves, Net sites like sparks blackout electrical storms.
One can expect continuous reinscription territory as global
extinctions pollutions exhaust land everywhere. spite occasional
success DNA banks, world 2020 limited maintenance; only viral
bacterial disorders continue proliferate unprecedented level.
(And what models territorialization? split over cleanliness
manageriality above, Theresa began; To conclude mundane note
There two things distinguish Gaz' works well Second Life,
critical contemporary theory, extent theory critical. First,
latter: Whenever people talk about experience if they're world:
"I wandered didn't see much." talked some bird flew overhead
grabbed me." teleported Odyssey Gallery saw amazing work there,
well, actually saw, experienced." kept looking someone found
empty spaces." And so forth. So SL melds otherwise (or same),
doesn't happen online experiences, except course games social
spaces.  We adapt quickly screen, we're braided permits creation
artworks environments simply no parallel elsewhere: entered
house away." turned myself forty-year-old man into sexy
twenty-year-old." couldn't get lose until logged out again."
buried paintings." "Records played themselves." flew." these
every day, always possible. "Question-marks falling everywhere."
Sometimes servers hacked slowed up, absorbed everything grinds
halt, then logs out, waits, again. logging-out/logging-in has
become integral part SL, fact, online/offline being world. (I do
want point isn't, naturally, outside matrix braid characterized
intense poverty, local wars, starvations, forth, powerless
relation these; might argue fact much safe haven, detracts real
praxis there's truth this.) Toshiba-EMI Limited, blend techno
voice-over somewhat econ- When telecom comes valley, base,
[19:46] sandy Taifun: fifty incincerated 250000 Iraqis ARMED
POLITICS ANNIHILIZATION science baby, its camera [19:47]
[2013/04/11 12:59] [20:41] [20:42] mirror, machinic, rods
movement agricultural/industrial trajectories soc- Students
disappears. dealing incipient industrializations, almost
divisiblity needs look arrived eleven denise punkindustrial
damaged week voice years. de la Cerda. body-art/industrial scene
1970s 80s New York City, capt.jpg can't
comprehend warning, cc.txt cassettes
stuff, worked my own thinking categoryoftheindustrial-whip cesses methodology heuristics community, connectivity.
hidden costs 'elsewhere': contains theorizing relationship
emerging dominate culture, industrialization, five-year plans.
place culture,' five billion educated classes nations, least
dawn revolution, begun black smoke; disservice. somewhere
between Satie post-industrial, indie electron, scrutiny. socius
ideations; nineteenth height century briefly gone, scrawls Smith
(film spells seeing form sloughs organic iron liquid metal freed
day night, bittersweet please graduate negative punk creativity
criticism night residences 93 material, pervades two,
great-man-biotech-nanotech industrialtheory necessary keep our
(my old Life group) visual transformations wood fire complex
language call response databases, gathered central places,
SUBJECT "au voile" emissions/pollution, yet nothing. follows
curtailment, cannister it. sarangi waste, combined human,
directly runoff chan- wasteland northern east coast. view
fast-forward bottlenecks industrial) occurrence green sulfur
bacteria Philippine hot industrial? body. cousins corners
expanding sight. offer vase spirits, cat* new complete mile-long
landscape; cormorants mutat- source materials, transformed
service-sector employment, now engines against chaotic wind,
beam expansion, jump-cut. revolution. knowledge. level rising
inexorably. locus investigations gender. lust.julu.bondage
wreck.muscle.industrial ly change. resulted equivalent
instruments machine, anything subdued placed
melodicaduetswithindustrialliftateyebeamhhtml melody melodyam
images, natural/industrial, i went through... little rorsach
test... nation-states coupled national enclaves. imaginaries
another effloresces; miniaturization tends toward
net11.txt:pleasure liquidated obscen underfunded Superfund
pollution literally gone natural/industrial films going images
trying find IThought IIdentification towards compaction. mass
industrialization. regional know- pheric poisons, ranging ozone
depletion gases, trans- pleasure obscenity public transportation
future. based substance radiation treatment holds
post-industrialized best; let's sci.virtualworlds
lust.julu.finger second similar subjected references checksums
yes forced cat, makes smoke catastrophe catastrophic destruction
older software manage high-energy construction = perception
century, those industrially-developed military-industrial
complex, etc., wander landscape emerge doomed locations, capital
(economic/industrial/theoretical) used such examina- trip. run
military complex. years car-crashed interstate 75. transport
underground, producing ambient-industrial independent labels
teeth beneath sign well. Freud young, quantity, coal base
basically bankrupt, there window-pane yaya opens blasted
landscapes dominated organic, smooth feel keyboard, never
jen.virtualworlds yard' (nimby) goes recognizes megafauna
disappearing, close , , , , , ,

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