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February 3, 2018

festschrift @ 75 @ 12:05 a.m. in the morning

::errhu on the 75th birthday 2/3/43::

./factor 1943
1943: 29 67

I was born in the dark ages, literally, wilkes-barre,
pennsylvania, anthracite and flood country. what was
there was isolation for this jewboy and grit. always
gray sky i remember and trains carrying coal colored
blue. there were cave-ins and mine schedules. there
were fires in the hills. we were half in a jewish
community there. i didn't fit in. i read ginsberg's
howl and notes from underground and was saved. i got
in trouble in highschool, a methodist private school
where i remember singing onward christian soldiers
in chapel. my father was my enemy i tried to please.
i left the valley in a wreck. i almost flunked brown.
i survived and made a mess of my life and others. i'm
here now writing. i am a man mad about music, writing,
grit. the grit is in my bones. i'm mad about azure who
i know has saved me. i'm mad about media and the
digital raster of everything now we create against the
obdurate and abject abyss of the earth itself. the
raster is upon is, the abyss is within is. we are
falling farther than we know and we think we are
falling father than we ever have before. we think
we are safe in the raster and now i am waiting two and
one half hours to place this online and i will be
75 years old and counting on refuge and a moment of peace.

Sat Feb  3 00:02:46 EST 2018

Football In Arrears!

Tommy: Wow, where did the fourth down go?!

Tommy: I think the ball's still on the field?
Johnny: Maybe the other team got it?
Tommy: They're looking for it too!!!

Juan: Here we are in tiny town, we have a goalpost!!
Xavier: Which side is the goal?
Juan: The other side from the ball!
Xavier: Curses! We're foiled!!

Tommy: I'm confused! Shouldn't handballs be called!!!?
Johnny? They're raining handballs!!! Curses!!!

Tommy: We haven't had a down in twenty minutes!!!
Xavier: We have!!! And everyone's got a red card!!!

Juan: Look! The ball's gone over the goalposts!!!
Xavier: Someone should go pick it up!!

Tommy: I don't know how to use my feet!
Xavier: I don't know how to use my hands!

Juan: You owe us three goals from last time!
Johnny: Will you settle for three kicks?
Juan: I will throw them from the corner!
Johnny: Then that has settled our three goals!
Tommy: Don't touch our ball!
Xavier: I won't!

Tommy: OFFSIDES!!!!
Xavier: Then I take the goal back with my feet!
Juan: Your hands are good!
Xavier: Seven points! Overtime!

Overtime: Now we play for real!
Xavier: I won't!
Tommy: Handball!
Johnny: Pass the ball to me!
Juan: Fumble, huddle and kick!
Tommy: Handball! Handball!

Overtime: Penalty kicks!
Juan: Yay!
Johnny: I just made a big extra point!
Tommy: In the net! You lose!
Posts: Posts! Posts! Don't hit me!
Xavier: The ball has disappeared!

Juan: The ball has been taken!
Tommy: The ball has been captured!
Johnny: No ball for the last down!
Xavier: No ball for the last half!

All: Football in arrears!
Overtime: I declare everything!
Posts: I win!
Ball: Where am I?

Red Cards: Where is everyone?

= = =

(14 to 3, 3 wins!)

= = =

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