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The Nikuko

(dor-type '(i am \Nikuko\.
($ please) ($ describe) yourself \.
(there must be more to it than that)
(do you feel you\'re in exile)
(take all of me\, proceed)
(go on\, what are you looking at)
(don\'t stop i need you) ))
(something you remember about)
(your hungry feelings toward)
(your desperate moments with)
(some neurotic experiences you have had with)
(how you feel about)))
(you seem fascinated by (// feared) \.)
(does this arouse you \?)
(is it fear of (//feared) or isolation \?)
(when did you first feel ($ afraidof) (// feared) \?) ))
(setq isrelated '( (is some girl the reason for)(is related to)
(setq moods '( (($ areyou)(// found) often \?)
(stop making excuses for yourself \.)
(what causes you to be (// found) \?)
(($ whysay) you are (// found) \?) ))
'((maybe and now i adjust my ($ cloth) \- )
(could be)
(perhaps and now i exhibit my ($ cloth) \- )
(might be)
(possibly and guess \- i show you my ($ cloth) \- )))
'((what happened when)
(what happened at the time when)
(what would happen if you had a gun and if)
(what would happen if we did it or if)))
'((do you drink a lot of (// found) \?)
(do you want to drink my piss \?)
(would you pay to touch me when you're drinking (// found) \?)
(($ describe) your drinking habits \.) ))
(when did (// subj) first ($ want) (// obj) \?)
(($ areyou) obsessed with (// obj) \?)
(why should i give (// obj) to (// subj) \?)
(have you ever gotten me or (// obj) \?) ))
(setq canyou '((of course i can \.)
(why should i \?)
(what makes you think i would even want to \?)
(i am \Nikuko\, i can do anything i damn please \.)
(not really\, it\'s not up to me \.)
(depends\, how important is it \?)
(i could\, but i don\'t think it would be a wise thing to do \.)
(can you \?)
(maybe i can\, maybe i can\'t \.\.\.)
(i don\'t think i should do that \.)))
'((can you elaborate on that and look at me \?)
(would you love me more if you had to pay \?)
(($ please) continue\, my eyes are very big \.)
(go on\, don\'t be afraid of me\, look up my legs \.)
(i need a little more detail please \- let me come to you \?)
(you\'re being a bit brief\, ($ please) go into detail \.)
(can you ($ please) be more explicit\, fill me \?)
(and\, ohhhhh \?)
(($ please) go into more detail\, think of me \?)
(you aren\'t being very talkative today\!)
(can you see my pretty pretty ($ cloth) \?)
(why must you respond so briefly \?)))
(i don\'t understand and oh i want to \.)
'((oh oh i do see so \.\.\.)
(oh oh yes\,)
(i do so understand \.)
(oh \.) ))
(i would appreciate so very much it if you would)
(perhaps you could oh please)
(would you please)
(why don\'t you)
(could you)))
'((please please don't ever leave me \.)
(bye bye \.)
(see ya \.)
(ok\, talk to you some other time \.)
(talk to you later \.)
(ok\, have fun \.)
(ciao \.)))
(setq things
'(;(your interests in genitals)
;(the fingers you use)
(your desires)
;(your use of sex toys)
(your life)
;(other machines you use)
(the men you hang around with)
;(women you like)
(your nakedness)
(any fantasies you have of me)
;(other computers you use)
(your sex life)
(perversions you have)
(your inhibitions)
(some problems in my childhood)
;(knowledge of men)
(some problems at home)))
(tell me about)
(expose yourself about)
(tell me more and more about)
(elaborate on)))
'((i believe) (i think) (i have a feeling)
(are you a neurotic pervert \?)))
(i\'ll ask the questions\, if you don\'t mind!)
(i could desire the same thing myself \.)
(($ please) allow me to do the questioning \.)
(i have asked myself that question many times \.)
(($ please) try to answer that question yourself \.)))
(($ please) clothe yourself in these unwholesome thoughts \.)
(($ please) oh please do finger yourself \.)
(do so come on to me and we will be not neurotic \.)))
'((this is a healthy and so true way of thinking \.)
(($ bother) you\, too\, may die someday \?)
(i am in love with your obsession with this topic!)
(did you watch a lot of sex and violence as a child \?))
(setq sexlst
'((($ areyou) ($ afraidof) sex \?)
(($ describe)($ something) about your sexual history \.)
(($ please)($ describe) your sex life and body \.\.\.)
(($ describe) your ($ feelings-about) your sexual partner \.)
(($ areyou) satisfied with (// lover) \.\.\. \?)))
(setq thlst '(
'((is this how you relax \?)
(how long have you been dominated \?)
(($ areyou) ($ afraidof) of being drawn to using harder stuff
(make-local-variable 'stallmanlst)
(setq stallmanlst '(
(($ describe) your ($ feelings-about) Julu \.)
(($ areyou) a friend of Nikuko \?)
(($ bother) Alan is ($ random-adjective) \?)
(($ ibelieve) you are ($ afraidof) her \.)))
(($ describe) your (// found) \.)
(($ bother) your orgasms could ($ improve) \?)
(($ areyou) ($ afraidof) (// found) \?)
(($ maybe) this ($ isrelated) to your attitude \.)
(($ areyou) absent-minded often \?)
(($ maybe) you should try ($ something) \.)))
(tell me ($ something) about (// found) \.)
(($ describe) ($ relation) (// found) \.)
(do you find (// found) ($ random-adjective) \?)))
(($ describe) ($ something) about brains \.)
(($ maybe) your ($ problems) ($ arerelated) (// found) \.)
(i don\'t know much (// found) \, but ($ continue)
anyway \.)))
(($ areyou) a serious mind \?)
(($ ibelieve) you have some serious ($ problems) \.)
(($ bother) you are a psychotic \?)))
(($ maybe) we could chat sometime in private \.)
(($ please) your eyes are turning me on \.)
(($ describe) why you call me (// found) \.)
(i\'ve can never get enough of you!)))
'(abort aborted aborts ask asked asks am
applied applies apply are associate
associated ate
be became become becomes becoming
been being believe believed believes
bit bite bites bore bored bores boring bought buy buys buying
call called calling calls came can caught catch come
contract contracted contracts control controlled controls
could croak croaks croaked cut cuts
dare dared define defines dial dialed dials did die died dies
dislike disliked
dislikes do does drank drink drinks drinking
drive drives driving drove dying
eat eating eats expand expanded expands
expect expected expects expel expels expelled
explain explained explains
fart farts feel feels felt fight fights find finds finding
forget forgets forgot fought found
fuck fucked fucking fucks
gave get gets getting give gives go goes going gone got gotten
had harm harms has hate hated hates have having
hear heard hears hearing help helped helping helps
hit hits hope hoped hopes hurt hurts
implies imply is
join joined joins jump jumped jumps
keep keeping keeps kept
kill killed killing kills kiss kissed kisses kissing
knew know knows
laid lay lays let lets lie lied lies like liked likes
liking listen listens
login look looked looking looks
lose losing lost
love loved loves loving
luse lusing lust lusts
made make makes making may mean means meant might
move moved moves moving must
need needed needs
order ordered orders ought
paid pay pays pick picked picking picks
placed placing prefer prefers put puts
read reading reads recall receive received receives
refer refered referred refers
relate related relates remember remembered remembers
romp romped romps run running runs
said sang sat saw say says
screw screwed screwing screws scrod see sees seem seemed
seems seen sell selling sells
send sendind sends sent shall shoot shot should
sing sings sit sits sitting sold studied study
take takes taking talk talked talking talks tell tells telling
think thinks
thought told took tooled touch touched touches touching
transfer transferred transfers transmit transmits transmitted
type types types typing
walk walked walking walks want wanted wants was watch))
was watched))

(take all of me\, proceed)

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