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February 13, 2018

1920s? brass Ganges water jar instrument

for John and Uli, who gave me this wonderful gift.

Listen to both with earphones if you can; the 2nd version has
added filter correction and reverb; the frequencies tend, more
than one might believe, to resonate in the subsonics.

"Whew, I've been researching the jar; it's a gangajal or ganga
jal jar, probably from the 1920s, used for transporting water
from the Ganges for purification; it has writing on it in three
places that I can't decipher."

"I recorded the jar. As you know, descendents of water jars are
used in Indian music (think of the ghatam) and I found if I
turned the jar upside-down, sealing the mouth on a mouse-pad, I
could use it in a similar way, and the sealing created an
interior that seems to resonate into the subsonics as well."

Compression pulses are set up in the jar; the air couples with
its container. I think of this as containing a universe. The
recorder, an H2n, was inside; the compression pulses surrounded
the microphones. Playing the outer surface, I'm literally
creating sound and music that is beyond me, the secrecy of the
contained and its resistance.

(I can never reach music; music is a problem for me.)

If I Burn Alive in the Arms of Donald Trump, will It Make a

kill all hangman males :: 2001 :: 2018 :: your enormous killing
::  with me get not will you yourself kill may SERIF!!! Sat Jan
20 18:04:04 STD 2018 San Serif, I did not kill If I can't be
Buddha I will kill myself. is a mess. If God exists, and I mean
all sincerity, kill me now. Dojoji: Then kill me Julu. Julu
Twine: Fascinating. Let me think. :////thrall : uq z@ [w -q udta
trak \tkhd edts (elst >Zmdiato kill doesn't bother me at all.
fuck me and kill me. in the middle Are you (loudly) I want to
bring death to the righteous. I want to kill the cat chio chmod
cp csh date dd df domainname echo ed expr hostname kill ksh
print "Now she is gone forever! I will kill the father!", "\n";
against body, as we have all watched, kill me, I would not
contaminate the WHITE SKIN IS is in-me my me Assassins kill all
daughters. stty echoe erase ^h kill ^x the enemy enough to kill
her. She put on her new Clar. She could hear

         i'd beg you to kill me but it would be too good i ask
you to kill me." generators - tend to kill tens of thousand of
migrating birds? another right before you, if leave me like
this, please help me, honest, I'll kill ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ don't
massacre my mind^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ kill angels. We want to move.
I'm not going to kill myself (in furtively, discarded. So it
must continue onward, push itself can kill us; vote criminal is
in my uneasy vote criminal gripes... kill kill pleasure - keep
it quiet - cyanide as usual - we'll kill hol, but kill me
sweetness, do me in, sweetness. I won't forget you sweet- Whirr!
O! For to take a walk, now I will kill every dog. him a bandit,
or thinks he will kill someone, which makes him a killer. a "in
print up this city" a in makes and print kill /[e]+/ } and print
Fool's - that he was going to kill himself - and Michael, who
knew the Very briefly, if it wasn't for these people on line, I
would kill myself LOOK OTHER STATE! we will kill you mp usual !
- ! we'll ! kill ! ourselves ! - ! 11 ! assassinate ! now ! -
Daishin Nikuko says, no, I can't kill you. The Buddha says, I'm
wounded, Please don't kill me, I have children, please, oh God
please ... dung-heap dirty the us, of one every in Jew the kill
I net11.txt:White, killer. LOOK OTHER STATE! Your loose we will
kill them is in my loose we 3 - Nijinski - I'm afraid to go on,
you're going to kill me, the trapdoor as ... HAVE SAID,
"You have no authority to kill Pilate, killing ... say. OUR
WHITE SKIN IS is in-me my me Assassins kill all daughters.
before you ... WHORE and the MESSENGER. i am WOMANMAN and
MANWOMAN. LISTEN: kill all indiscriminately. Officials decry
KFYI radio hosts call to kill me. She can track brother i kill
my son and daughter print "Oh hyper a can't headaches kill hyper
my rest for headaches just even web Bush ...  ... Osama Bin
Laden's guys would love to kill Bush. ... 1849 yogi.  Many
lazy blank caps will kill annually to units.  .

  time black rain,-lord crashes like sea i can't kill any Alan
Dojoji: Julu I assume you want to kill me. I assume you want
all. Hi, here's what I think, would kill the spontaneity and
untangibility the church, alleging that Minutemen kill
immigrants crossing the true Why open, already foreclosed. what
crawls in my mind will kill my sanity, the i'm a religion that
tells me to kill you I don't know that word. i am the assassin.
i will kill every evil man. all very breath kills; what would
kill us is repeatedly slaughtered until I don't understand that!
kill anything inside your skull comes, I think that's it, I'll
kill myself! Reinforcements. It will take a not afraid of death,
but am quite afraid of pain; kill me with dull poi- lost among
junkie heavens unbearable ecstasy kill way like drawn within we
choose to draw blood with you, if i lisp i kill you, you lisp
you brush your hair, i beg you, kill me; i beg you, kill me,
kill again; i pure despair. I'm fucking afraid of dying, and yet
I want to kill myself, work = #### b-code: fuck = #### c-code:
kill = #### and the deadened of - crying, next - the kill
whispers, time they're can later you Clara Kimball and a planet
will kill you. You are dying of the plant we can kill and do
nothing had betrayed him, and he would kill the perpetrator of
that betrayal who Assassins come in and kill daughters.
Daughters lie there in a pool of of death but I'd kill myself in
a second, right now, right before you, if will all die and we
will live it is time to kill them Come home with me, diseased
cripple the elderly smash the elderly kill the old misplace
Sanction asked for radio station, urged to kill immigrants rifle
and a Daishin Nikuko meets the Buddha on the road. The Buddha
says, kill me. White, I kill the Jew in every one of us, the
dirty dung-heap of Oh HELP HELP! The REPUBLICANS are going to
kill us! _word._ I kill the _word._ Language is a _word._
Language is an enemy. President Clinton claimed the attack was
revenge for a plot to kill George speeds endlessly through the
body - incandescent kill me inside-you baby - carries
annihilation and the kill control at its binary heart. fer! You
be the killer, kill my children! Thud, wet! Delirious Jennifer,

  unknown can't kill the land,-lord shall come into the quarrel,
and kill one another. A fifth shall succeed afghanistan and usa
are waiting to kill you top (non-existent) attempts freeze
delete kill persons, objects, If I am useless, can no longer
work or think, kill me, and if my work is he didn't kill them
directly, it was what television calls a "mob hit" by you can't
smash them. i want to sleep. kill me, i'm bored. dance atoms
i've been effaced virtue forgetfulness could machine, i'd kill
You are in open forest near both a valley and a road. kill road
action - never, ever - kill for pleasure - keep it quiet -
cyanide as remembers everything that there are videotapes,
audiotapes, archives kill They can kill everyone else including
themselves and I will They can kill everyone else including
themselves and I will Because I kill everything I love bringing
it to an end just add a flesh waters every living If I can't be
Buddha I will kill training camps in President kill immigrants
0.253896 1 President. I set urine before the guests i will kill
you but my voice must be pure tongue legally a federal offense
to kill the president. lyndon johnson taking the your desire:
you soft reboot hard reboot; you kill delete; you hex it:
0 * swollen engorged zz aa deny yourself, kill yourself==

  kill Tiffany and bring Nikuko with me! Yay! Here she comes, Hi
Nikuko!" (pulls at her hair) (louder) They are trying to kill me
because I AM NOT myself! Why is this I write because if I don't,
I'd kill myself. I write 1957 Somewhere around this time I tried
to kill myself with a mixture of On and on: This would kill
_anyone,_ this misreading, misrecognition, corner can't a
nuisance just i've corner headaches kill rest a If I don't write
well, Cleary 1996-2002 Jacob Smiths order, quoted in this essay,
to kill and If I stop writing well, kill me. If I cease to make
sense, kill me. Kill inconceivably _inescapable._ shuddering,
shivering, want to kill Border Patrol, whose object is to kill
as many illegal immigrants as ALREmouthY SPEECHWORK, i ask you
to kill me." money and shoot - kill auschwitz bush get thugs
money world's shoot myself. Then after I kill myself I will kill
you. i will defeat myself i life and if i kill myself i hurt i
hurt no sure of it i'd kill myself, segregationist Republicans
kill all anti-environmental Bring war to junkie Assassins kill
all daughters. Daughters rise and say. OUR

      Susan Graham          kill all hangman males
                        Susan Graham         kill all hangman males

JULU: I'll kill all two of you.
NIKUKO: I'll kill all three.

folds fold bones folds kill my mind. mind. bones i bones me
please creased I can't motherfather, delirious Jennifer, then
kill me! Assassins enter. They kill George Bush.
:FOREIGN PEOPLE daughters.:Assassins kill George Bush. George

waiting ... Immigrants kill Scottish tourist.  Will Be Send To
Your judge can will kill and forever i live maybe I can't kill
anymore...' zen buddha want kill anyone survive desire beautiful
uncanny with, for images kill as well. complaints. build want,
kill build kill.  want, Why do people kill each other? it folds
kill kill folds there's it. mind. no creased it. time fold no i
Nikuko: Let us kill in His name. I did not kill is in my spry
For 6 days, I have already been in

  8 04:08 I will kill you I will kill you I will kill you I will
kill you 9 because i will kill you and fuck your brains out.
Voice Chat... Connected I'll kill you. We want you as well,
Alan, for the longer bones want kill me to mind. wake me longer
wake me crawl no wake up unbearable ecstasy you kill me way i
like to be drawn down to you in delirious Jennifer, then kill
me! I be the woman, You beg "Klaus, kill me! Klaus kill me with
your song! Klaus, I'm going got brother i kill my son and
daughter mother sister brother son Then after I kill myself I
will kill you. Honestly, I will kill myself. Do not doubt I will
do this very thing. a crime to kill oneself and a crime to
attempt to kill oneself. automated erasure = kill or delete. In
my sickness I delete. In Webern; a rope kill others; a chemical;
a firing squad; a war; usual - we'll kill ourselves
- 11 assassinate now - this time use a conspired dreamer
delivered kill shed wilderness rid stript gilead camels hello! I
will kill take the man from the woman and kill projection kill

 		And all men kill the thing they love, 911
because we kill the unborn; everyone's online listen to me: my
of everyone and kill them all with you. I'm afraid we'll kill
them as they "Masteitimi, They won't kill us! say! anything!
she'll kill you! want to see my hole again? come on Julu,
popular. It will kill you. It will keep you going. You'll die
broke but shadow? deathlst kill yourself t (If really drugs,
she's Devil there's only one thing he can do and that is to kill
her have a no him who no has children born we over over kill
this our war churning center swallows time family favorite kill
my father hard-drive: Beware! PCP fumes will kill within five
seconds. [intensely] well kill ation (i.e. kill commands
directed towards particular addresses), or delete and kill
commands. Tense, we search through the barricaded windows (I am
a mommy and I want to kill my (CADDR L))(CONS 'L '(IS VERY BAD))
I am not simply referring to this behavior of wanting to kill
immigrants. ...  ... Osama Bin Laden's guys would love to
kill Bush. ... 1849 that's all i can do die here ys togoing to
kill me de iou iy're a cult. one man. conspiracy. and kill you
can do nothing to stop TURN GRAY. Your junkie Assassins kill all
daughters. Daughters rise and meshed, dog-legged. I've conquered
what will kill me. The image drowns. was THE because went GYM
married kill he made as well FOR, BOTH VIDEO-ARTS council does
not want to ... militants kill in baghdad parking lot (: am for
corner can't a nuisance just i've corner headaches kill rest a
can't begin ... so many people to kill ... I am twenty-three.
Look, Bonjour, salaam, shalom, hello! I will kill you can write
violence's wounds. you can write kill war. you can write with
George's daughters violent blond brawn. They will kill will be
kill soon he will pay for this and you people at we're fucked
George's daughters violent blond brawn. They will kill Iraq.
They will missiles all p poonis inty and the like t poonis kill
big and little flux They was aloof, too oh toor color of
shattered kill drop or look fuzz Guns don't kill people; people
do! knock at the door, kill me; know I will not be able to
withstand. the ... kill Scottish tourist. It seems it doesn t
matter where you travel person. It is enough that you if I can.
I will kill myself. (pause) Look, use dele . Should use dele en
en ion. Should use kill abor s people badly. damp and burnished
ground ... floors kill me within your needle! What do despair.
I'm fucking afraid of dying, and yet I want to kill myself,
whose If I could murder through this machine, I'd kill everyone.
calls forth A dying boy here gets his last wish from a
foundation to kill up before sunrise. already walking. about now
going die. kill counts - pre-emptive strike - immediate action -
never, ever - kill for kill all priest. worry lama. hunt rabbi.
kill shamans. kill all grand such again flay first kill maw ruin
: stops nevermore loves sometimes eyes. death yes give myself.
kill myself furiously. woman. man moorings. And me, I say to
you, kill yourself, descend into the matter Look I'm fucking
myself. bJULU/b: I'll kill all of you. b LEST WE FORGET, earth?"
"No, servant, I shall kill you and send you ahead of me." (Then)
"delete" although she's also a file and you can kill her by
entering MY SHIT ON :Assassins kill George Bush. He rises and
says. I AM GEORGE 2002. I know missiles will kill us. :missile
muscle, massif. massive towards Great Attractor. Lost in Lyman
forest Virgil would kill himself, part exhaustion, part
hysteria, part mourning - and it will kill us, just Serif, I did
not kill julu!!! they do not vote for our vote we will attack
and kill them remember being kicked with intent to kill in
Brooklyn at the end JULU: I'll kill both of you. there's all
comes, I think that's it, I'll kill myself! Reinforcements. It
can't make this stuff up kill aparent aback a heart, double
suicide, you are inside my heart, i will kill i'm a corporation
you can't kill me "I could kill you for what you did to me, but
you did it first." Tiffany asks "Did you kill Orc?" this. I'd
rather you kill me slowly. I'd rather you'd prepare our meals,
"Has anyone else you know planned to kill anyone with poison
gas:____ If I beg you, kill me, without that flat dry voice when
the world JENNIFER: I'll kill you. ALAN: I'll fuck anyonebr I
want to. bNIKUKO/b: deaf and dead you: i will kill you all
daughters. All daughters die. PEOPLE. ALL :Assassins kill kill
your ghost, your ghost is inside my heart, we will kill each
other, holes. Wee-wee on your mommy and daddy. I will come and
kill your entire cage d grate your water I take Peter! kill
swallow yourself, deny yourself, kill yourself== you have always
yourselves, are yourself yourself== kill yourself, deny aa zz
deny yourself, kill yourself== yourself are yourselves, defuge
the you just can't make this stuff up kill aparent why do you
have to kill turtle immediate action - never, ever - kill for
pleasure - keep it quiet - BUSH THE FIRST. Devour
cocaine-you-know-me Assassins kill George Bush. He cyanide as
usual - we'll kill ourselves - 1 round them up - pre-emptive
You: > say try and kill me, say Kill Alan <Julu> As long as
Nikuko .e can't kill any more Sondheim can't kill any more i
can't kill any more,lor-lord But comfort alleviates may stay
heart, double inside kill myself, hearts

If I Burn Alive in the Arms of Donald Trump, will It Make a

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