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February 22, 2018

I can't think anymore, I have nothing to say, I'm coming up
empty, I can't do anything.

empty * nothing texts* zero * zero * nothing at all* coming up
empty* absolutely nothing* absolutely zero* no more* can't
think* can't think* no more* just coming up empty* brain fog*
can't think at all* can't think any more* absolutely nothing at
all* nothing anymore* not a thing* exhausted* worn out* nothing
to say* coming up empty* that's it* that's it*

grep -h "empty" texts/*.txt | head -5 >> zz*

emptied, emptying, always a limit-point - then fissuring,
infolding,* ble by me, namely the will, the empty will, of
another. As a positive* the empty atmospherics wail on Phaedra*
empty space, _spaced_ in fact, neutrinos streaming through its
transpare* I have images of the Khan, painted hordes, stealth,
spoor. I empty Man * nothing; as in classical existentialism,
one projects forward in the face* of nothingness (as if nothing
were itself an alterity); * Socrates was the first user. Voices
are heard, and voices are nothing but * The user has nothing to
do with the internet; the user is of no * recognizes no gender;
the machine recognizes nothing. The machine * dizzy and
uncomfortable, trad ukulele playing @ ground zero* subject who
may remain impervious, the degree zero of phenomenology. *
remains: ground zero * nothing at all remains. * Again, the
analog is nothing at all, even a structure within the * itself,
sutures over, and the listener may be aware of nothing at all. *
i meditate upon nothing at all * the message search for ide
devices and coming up empty. so the machine is* left, the
message search for ide devices and coming up empty * a talk
about net-sex coming up empty - embodiment that keeps* coming up
empty. But the ghost-in-the-machine, the uncanny two * of them
witnessing the monster coming up empty in their midst, * with a
kiss, with tears, with signs of joy, means absolutely nothing;
it* "It's July 13 going on July 14 2007. Today I did absolutely
nothing. I * absolutely nothing.* dusk. 'Beyond' means
absolutely nothing; time is indicated only by the* there's no
more belonging. Nothing belongs if there's no belonging. * No
apparent reason for the three generations, no more no less at
the * say no more of mervailes that are there, so that other men
that go * that remains present and presences, no more and no
less. * bottle with no more inaccessible interior. Here, I place
my "whine" as* through by love, on fire, flamed; when I'm
aroused I can't think straight* to see you; i can't think *
shit, piss, and cum, mixing with the lag killed it. i can't
think anymore.* Lag killed it. I can't think anymore. Time zero
is time smeared. * I can't think of anyone worse to run the
country.* I read all the comments on the book, from Amazon. I
can't think * sperm, i cannot populate the world, i can't think
of anything to * because the _numbed_ can't think. Hello, now I
am Susan thinking for * For a moment I can't think. My mind goes
blind. I don't see in words* move smoothly through SL, it's no
more difficult than learning a sport or * furiously, once again,
and then no more.* back no more than five months, but it is
present in quick-time fast-for * see as no more than wide-spread
collaboration. On the other hand, Web* there's no more
belonging. Nothing belongs* for five weeks; I'm in a permanent
brain fog, exhausted, dizzy, * think of them - yes, again,
think, through this brain fog, think * the mind fog, brain fog,
itself, the _vision of utmost clarity,_ * permanent brain fog,
exhausted, dizzy, stumbling wondering * for five weeks; I'm in a
permanent brain fog, exhausted, dizzy, * Alan Dojoji: you can't
think at all* When Jennifer wills Alan alive so that Jennifer
can't think any more. When* When it is not collectible, not a
thing, virtual or otherwise, it is not * not a thing to me, but
you are not communicating any more than a thing, an * Rewriting
Marx via Lukacs: "A commodity is therefore not a thing at all.
* remain turbulent, heated; exhausted information continues to
traverse the * cluttering; spew is always clutter, always
exhausted. If emission is the * looking down:your mouth opens
and closes, a fish suffocating, exhausted* gets used to on-line
clarity, exhausted and nervous when it disappears * ten. There
were events whose oral histories exhausted themselves. *
Finally, participants and administrators themselves tire. I'm
worn out * Dallas; as far as I know, they still have it, almost
worn out... I * intensity, hysteria, exhaustion, sexuality. I'm
worn out, wear people out. * colors and directions of societies
worldwide, has nothing to say concern- * Riot girls have nothing
to say to me.* I have nothing to say to riot girls.* listen when
there's nothing to say and it's all reported and there's too*
There is everything and nothing to say. On one hand, every
conceivable* screen, coming up empty against the creases of my
body, the * _tattered notes_ and white pointy flowers coming up
empty thru * "coming up empty" as if uncalled for - ah, i can
see character/s * tests and sleep clinic coming up empty,
already had xrays and I * coming up empty midst, offerings
culture! moving! beginning; * She said new work is necessary,
that's it's important to use every device* quarrel with my
bookseller, that's it* it is this speed, like the speed of the
rave: that's it, exactly!* She said new work is necessary,
that's it's important to use every device* totality, return of
quasi-objects, broken truths (that's it, broken * comes, I think
that's it, I'll kill myself! Reinforcements. It * Tim, that's
it, Timothy!*

& taking the diving-board into oblivion - that's it - that's the
way to* sponse to the construct of essence defining existence.
And that's it!* That's it in the French Resistance, that's it
elsewhere: Clearly, in* closely - it's getting nowhere but
something's happening - this is the one *

[99:99 pm]  Alan Sondheim: i'm getting nowhere.*

I am that person from the twenty-second century

All my body (bodee) is in this text which I do write.
In this style.
I am machine body that writes this caught in the teeth
of alphabet.
This is the old alphabet not the new.
Teeth are not necessary. The grit continues in this manner.
Codework is this 2110 body caught in the grit of language.
The grit of language generates this 2110 body.
This is different than it was. This is what I do now.
In 2110 this is now. video

==>    texts/va.txt <==
i was already dead by the time any of this.
conflagration of the mind.
==>    texts/vb.txt <==
. . . Show him in.
==>    texts/vc.txt <==
what the palmtree stormsurge said to the squallchill
==>    texts/vd.txt <==
Decoding the Natural in an Estonian Webcam Audio Recording
==>    texts/ve.txt <==
please don t ever leave me & what is to be done?
==>    texts/jj.txt <==
missing stromatolite
==>    texts/jk.txt <==
==>    texts/jl.txt <==
Jennifer <--> Jennifer
Jennifer was very unhappy and sat down, spreading her new pink
==>    texts/jm.txt <==
hollow me out color me in
if the end of the world comes
      memory will be annihilated
==>    texts/jn.txt <==
the word shudders from the body of the uniformed man, and some
might say
==>    texts/jo.txt <==
Jennifer, Descent
==>    texts/jp.txt <==
Strange Phenomenon
==>    texts/jq.txt <==
Virtual Reality, 1971
==>    texts/jr.txt <==
For Immense Purposes
The defile of the signifier forms a chasm or rupture, for the
==>    texts/js.txt <==
Incantation: Corrective Strategy: Hacker Drive: Core Dump: Gdb:
==>    texts/jt.txt <==
W/ Roots in the Air:
==>    texts/jv.txt <==
/internet_txt.html kyoto lang/
==>    texts/jw.txt <==
==>    texts/jx.txt <==
Glass News
Who am I when I meet you from a distance and the wooden
==>    texts/jy.txt <==

==>    texts/va.txt <==
< We feel like damn and I'm closer in the workshop so the
>    we feel like damn and I'm closer in the workshop so the
==>    texts/vc.txt <==
splintered dead name ripped beneath sign y analyzed mediated z
zyx forgive errors northern european music, mapping of lakeside
presence, ages of occidental/european musican philosophy were mn
headed into european musican ages of ice, gifteli, grey.
==>    texts/vd.txt <==
- - -
==>    texts/ve.txt <==
It ends here. Some hopelessly naive; I did the best I could.
Teaching the problematic or diffuse proved disenheartening.
I didn't apply again.
==>    texts/vf.txt <==
elsewhere: Clearly, in* closely - it's getting nowhere but
something's happening - this is the one *
[99:99 pm]  Alan Sondheim: i'm getting nowhere.*
==>    texts/jj.txt <==
mur; there is little separation between the self and harmony,
between memory and bodies sung and twisted by waves of burning
==>    texts/jk.txt <==
==>    texts/jl.txt <==
take it to her, take it from her, give it to me.
"That says it all."
==>    texts/jm.txt <==
22  * * *
23  *
==>    texts/jn.txt <==
^   G Get Help  ^O WriteOut  ^R Read File ^Y Prev Pg   ^K Cut Text
^   C Cur Pos ^X Exit      ^J Justify   ^W Where is  ^V Next Pg
^   U UnCut Text^T To Spell
==>    texts/jo.txt <==
Connection closed by foreign host.
==>    texts/jp.txt <==
(CEPA Quarterly, 3/2-3)
==>    texts/jq.txt <==
shudder, Alan does. He won't let me
==>    texts/jr.txt <==
nary tracts across the uninhibited landscape of emissions,
spews, absented languages, and starting to think about writing.
==>    texts/js.txt <==
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh. O gods O goddesses.
==>    texts/jt.txt <==
Julu is here with me, Jennifer running as background process...
==>    texts/ju.txt <==
computer slacker keyboard grounded to the light socket his
lights go out old man ground to a halter
top she's wearing last night's hard nipples' he typed her
last words fuck him he's dead she said fuck him fuck him
==>    texts/jv.txt <==
{k:28} and elsewhere...
ksh: and: not found
==>    texts/jx.txt <==
like a denied lover for the blue glow of dawn.' (James Lee
Burke, Heaven's Prisoners)." (Sondheim, Love, The Blue Glow of

This is what has been done now.


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