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I can't think anymore, I have nothing to say, I'm coming up
empty, I can't do anything.

empty * nothing texts* zero * zero * nothing at all* coming up
empty* absolutely nothing* absolutely zero* no more* can't
think* can't think* no more* just coming up empty* brain fog*
can't think at all* can't think any more* absolutely nothing at
all* nothing anymore* not a thing* exhausted* worn out* nothing
to say* coming up empty* that's it* that's it*

grep -h "empty" texts/*.txt | head -5 >> zz*

emptied, emptying, always a limit-point - then fissuring,
infolding,* ble by me, namely the will, the empty will, of
another. As a positive* the empty atmospherics wail on Phaedra*
empty space, _spaced_ in fact, neutrinos streaming through its
transpare* I have images of the Khan, painted hordes, stealth,
spoor. I empty Man * nothing; as in classical existentialism,
one projects forward in the face* of nothingness (as if nothing
were itself an alterity); * Socrates was the first user. Voices
are heard, and voices are nothing but * The user has nothing to
do with the internet; the user is of no * recognizes no gender;
the machine recognizes nothing. The machine * dizzy and
uncomfortable, trad ukulele playing @ ground zero* subject who
may remain impervious, the degree zero of phenomenology. *
remains: ground zero * nothing at all remains. * Again, the
analog is nothing at all, even a structure within the * itself,
sutures over, and the listener may be aware of nothing at all. *
i meditate upon nothing at all * the message search for ide
devices and coming up empty. so the machine is* left, the
message search for ide devices and coming up empty * a talk
about net-sex coming up empty - embodiment that keeps* coming up
empty. But the ghost-in-the-machine, the uncanny two * of them
witnessing the monster coming up empty in their midst, * with a
kiss, with tears, with signs of joy, means absolutely nothing;
it* "It's July 13 going on July 14 2007. Today I did absolutely
nothing. I * absolutely nothing.* dusk. 'Beyond' means
absolutely nothing; time is indicated only by the* there's no
more belonging. Nothing belongs if there's no belonging. * No
apparent reason for the three generations, no more no less at
the * say no more of mervailes that are there, so that other men
that go * that remains present and presences, no more and no
less. * bottle with no more inaccessible interior. Here, I place
my "whine" as* through by love, on fire, flamed; when I'm
aroused I can't think straight* to see you; i can't think *
shit, piss, and cum, mixing with the lag killed it. i can't
think anymore.* Lag killed it. I can't think anymore. Time zero
is time smeared. * I can't think of anyone worse to run the
country.* I read all the comments on the book, from Amazon. I
can't think * sperm, i cannot populate the world, i can't think
of anything to * because the _numbed_ can't think. Hello, now I
am Susan thinking for * For a moment I can't think. My mind goes
blind. I don't see in words* move smoothly through SL, it's no
more difficult than learning a sport or * furiously, once again,
and then no more.* back no more than five months, but it is
present in quick-time fast-for * see as no more than wide-spread
collaboration. On the other hand, Web* there's no more
belonging. Nothing belongs* for five weeks; I'm in a permanent
brain fog, exhausted, dizzy, * think of them - yes, again,
think, through this brain fog, think * the mind fog, brain fog,
itself, the _vision of utmost clarity,_ * permanent brain fog,
exhausted, dizzy, stumbling wondering * for five weeks; I'm in a
permanent brain fog, exhausted, dizzy, * Alan Dojoji: you can't
think at all* When Jennifer wills Alan alive so that Jennifer
can't think any more. When* When it is not collectible, not a
thing, virtual or otherwise, it is not * not a thing to me, but
you are not communicating any more than a thing, an * Rewriting
Marx via Lukacs: "A commodity is therefore not a thing at all.
* remain turbulent, heated; exhausted information continues to
traverse the * cluttering; spew is always clutter, always
exhausted. If emission is the * looking down:your mouth opens
and closes, a fish suffocating, exhausted* gets used to on-line
clarity, exhausted and nervous when it disappears * ten. There
were events whose oral histories exhausted themselves. *
Finally, participants and administrators themselves tire. I'm
worn out * Dallas; as far as I know, they still have it, almost
worn out... I * intensity, hysteria, exhaustion, sexuality. I'm
worn out, wear people out. * colors and directions of societies
worldwide, has nothing to say concern- * Riot girls have nothing
to say to me.* I have nothing to say to riot girls.* listen when
there's nothing to say and it's all reported and there's too*
There is everything and nothing to say. On one hand, every
conceivable* screen, coming up empty against the creases of my
body, the * _tattered notes_ and white pointy flowers coming up
empty thru * "coming up empty" as if uncalled for - ah, i can
see character/s * tests and sleep clinic coming up empty,
already had xrays and I * coming up empty midst, offerings
culture! moving! beginning; * She said new work is necessary,
that's it's important to use every device* quarrel with my
bookseller, that's it* it is this speed, like the speed of the
rave: that's it, exactly!* She said new work is necessary,
that's it's important to use every device* totality, return of
quasi-objects, broken truths (that's it, broken * comes, I think
that's it, I'll kill myself! Reinforcements. It * Tim, that's
it, Timothy!*

& taking the diving-board into oblivion - that's it - that's the
way to* sponse to the construct of essence defining existence.
And that's it!* That's it in the French Resistance, that's it
elsewhere: Clearly, in* closely - it's getting nowhere but
something's happening - this is the one *

[99:99 pm]  Alan Sondheim: i'm getting nowhere.*

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