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First draft -

Introduction to an additional hard drive for my archive at Cornell

This might be of interest here. I find it difficult to organize
my work - too many strands, too many skeins, Indra's net among a
variety of media. What characterizes them - file after file,
resonances that seem to disappear into the uncomfortable
thickness of soft air. Thousands of files appearing among
directories and subdirectories, loose collocations connected by
synaptic wolftones. Or something like that. Even the naming of
the fields seems problematic. I veer between what once was
virtual and what once was the ghost of a physical reality,
indescribable. So here's a messay in itself for better or

Alan Sondheim

Second contact:
Azure Carter,,

Digital Archive, Volume 2

The directory contains over 4000 audiofiles, almost all music
Music from older ESP archive: ESP is a recording company that
has issued two cds and two lps of my work; they ran an archive
which no longer exists.
Others: Some tracks from other musicians
Sony Recorder Files: Notes and conferences The main directory
contains music produced for the past 10-15 years. Please note
the dates may be problematic, a result of file transfers. The
two Laurie Anderson duets were recorded in the early 1970s.

Augmented Reality
Almost all AR insertions into various spaces with Mark Skwarek.

Augmented Reality 3d
Various works, partial and finished, produced with AR and 3d.
Some collaborations with Sandy Baldwin

Cavework Brown University Through John Cayley and Kathleen
Ottinger, work produced in Brown's Cave, with Azure Carter and
myself. This work was also shown at the Interrupt 3 Festival;
see the Interrupt 3 Festival Brown University directory as well.
This directory also has materials for a WordHack presentation in
New York.

Empyre Email List Files
Most of this relates to the co-moderation of Empyre (with
Johannes Birringer) on the subject of AbsoluteTerror, ISIS,
performance in 1914. There is also a subdirectory, Fb-sensitive,
a download of Facebook materials from 2/23/2018. From what I can
tell, there is no personal information in Fb-sensitive.

Eyebeam 4 day improvisation event (which actually ran for 3 1/2
days). With Jackson Moore and Chris Diasparra - we organized a
long day-and-night music improvisation with around 50 musicians
playing around the clock, at Eyebeam.

LIMIT and other CDs
Materials gathered from recent cd issues by Public Eyesore and
ESP, as well as a Tape issued by another independent company,
and older materials released by other companies such as Qbico,
Fire Museum, and Porter.

National Music Museum etc.
Images from the National Music Museum in Vermillion, South
Dakota, as well as other music-related materials.

New Folder February 22, 2018
This is a catch-all for files of recent work, including older fb
download, publicity materials, and so forth. The soundsum refers
to a 12-hour soundsummit organized by Jackson Moore at Eyebeam.
upj contains files and work from University of Pittsburgh,
Johnstown. Zaurus 5600 - files from the Zaurus hand-held linux
computer I used for a number of years.  The j directory contains
notes for various conference, seminar, and formal presentations.
Axim contains files from an antique HP hand-held.
Reversed_impulses, files for Supercollider programs. Newsm,
video and stills etc. from the New England Steam and Wireless
Museum Steam-up.

New PDF February 22, 2018
A collection of pdfs, mostly scientific or ethnographic, that
I've used for my work; some other files are there created by me.

Places February 22, 2018
This is a directory centered on a number of geographic
locations, and worked produced in relation to them:

Akkad: Acadia National Park, Maine, 2 ten-day stays, late Fall,
bad weather.

Ashfield, western Mass.
Atlanta and Eyedrum Gallery
Audubon Headquarters, Rhode Island
Aurora, Colorado, eclipse and landscape
Beavertail State Park, Rhode Island
Brooklyn, New York
Bristol, Rhode Island
Cairn images, from a cairn field, Rhode Island

Caratunk, woodlands in Rhode Island, examining a large-scale
slime mold over a period of time

Car crash, Providence, RI, and scatter semiotics
Cumberland, Rhode Island
Electronic Literature Organization forthcoming meeting, Montreal

Events - texts for event presentations
Freeze, Providence River, Rhode island

From BC Trip, work done cross-country, driving from Rhode Island
to Victoria, British Columbia, including a large-scale work
dealing with the 1889 Johnstown flood in Johnstown,
Pennsylvania, and images of Mike Metz' work in Iowa City; some
of the images shown are from work I had in shows in Spain and
Furtherfield in London

Jewish, for a conference presentation in Minneapolis

Kingston, work from my hometown in Pennsylvania, including
riparian lands around the Susquehanna with unusual fungi and
slime molds, also images/work from Washington, D.C.

London, work from Furtherfield show, pieces created around and
through London and its outskirts, presentation and gallery
materials, subdirectory of other work and images from Aurora,
Colorado, rw is Roger Williams, photographs I made of
17th-century manuscripts with an emphasis on sachem signature

MacGrid, work done in or related to the MacGrid virtual world in
Canada; it originated, at least in part, from Hamilton, Ontario
through David Smith

Maine, second group of images and work from Acadia National Park
Mark Esper WTC Images: Mark was a close neighbor who took
photographs on 9/11 from our roof in Brooklyn; he died several
years ago. We miss him terribly.

Martin, restoration of a very rare 1917 Martin parlor guitar I
use in concert.

Mycology, images of fungi, lichen, and slime molds I use in my
work. NJ, from Newark and vicinity, and the New Jersey Institute
of Technology

NNY, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Yonkers working with Stephen Dydo

NSCAD, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and elsewhere; in
2014 I was a visiting artist at the college for five weeks and
made a great deal of work; this directory is a record of that
and includes work that was seminal for me in thinking about the
semiotics of 'gamespace, edgespace, blankspace' and splatter

Omaha, Nebraska, work and images from the area.
Pratt, texts with accompanying images and videos for a
three-hour presentation at Pratt art school, New York

PRT, video of rapid transit system at WVU, Morgantown, West

Sachuest, images and work from Audubon site, Rhode Island
Shows, materials for the Asturias, Spain, and London shows, as
well as materials for an Art Papers article, Atlanta

Walden Pond and Concord, Mass., work done around the pond; like
a great deal of other 'winter photography'; I try to work with
the geology of ice in image and text

Washington DC, images and work from earlier trip to Washington.

This ends the Places directory.

Second Life, February 22, 2018

Work from Opensim, Opensim localhost, MacGrid, and Second life;
the alanstl and bvh files stem out of the work I did in
Morgantown, WVU, West Virginia (Virtual Environments
Laboratory), as well as Columbia College, Chicago, through
Patrick Lichty, and NYU through Mark Skwarek. Thanks to Sandy
Baldwin and Frances van Scoy at WVU. This motion capture work
has informed everything I've done for a decade or so; virtual
worlds, coupled with the concept of flesh/internalized bodies,
structure a phenomenology of the future for me.

Three Snapshots of my Website

This is my main website, which has limited (around 26 gb)
storage; it's commercial. So at this point, when I add a file, I
often have to take another out. These three snapshots indicate
that. I also put up files on YouTube at this point; their
originals are most likely in New Folder or elsewhere. At the
moment you can find the proper urls in the text files. All of
the text files, still images, and audio files are only at The advantage of the webpage - which itself is
only in the form of a directory - is that you can bring the most
recent text file to the top; if you go through that, you can
also find the most recent videos/sound/stills as well. If you
use linux you can download the entire webpage; you can then use
the grep command to locate a particular topic or video file.
It's easier to do all of this through the following directory:

Snapshot of Panix February 22, 2018
I have used for at least twenty years as my main
portal to online. It's run out of New York, is an old and secure
ISP, and uses terminals and unix. I do my writing, for the most
part, in a linux terminal. The advantage? Secure with no ads and
no distractions and easy access to scripting. The main directory
housing all the texts I write and put online is ~/texts/ or just
texts - if you go to that you find a huge number of text files.
If you search them (through grep or other command) you can find
topics that might be of interest; if on the other hand, you find
a video file in the directory, you can find its description in
texts. There are also articles here, an autobiography, perl and
other simple programs, etc. Everything in panix is here, except
for mail and various personal files. There are outlines for
talks, various stages of some articles, even some of my books in
manuscript form. It's the heart of my work, I think.

SuperCollider files
These files are used with the SuperCollider program; they were
written by Luke Damrosch after lengthy discussion with me about
the conceptual foundations of sound. I'm particularly interested
in an impossibility - reverse reverberation in real time - and
we came up with various theoretical and phenomenological
approaches, which Luke implemented. The result is an incredible
variety of musics and sounds, culminating in the LIMIT cd. The
programs have a number of variables which can be altered; they
provide an experimental framework as well.

Varied Now
There are a number of subdirectories here; muu for example has
images of fractal paths generated from (modified) programs I
wrote years ago in qbasic, using formulas of my own; I was
fascinated by these for a long time and can run them again in
dosbox. The nasa files are produced from NASA software that was
originally created for image analysis; the result is a different
way of looking at bodies still and/or in motion; dynamics1.mp4
will give you a good idea of the processing (the initial image
is that of a distorted avatar). Newnow contains a wide variety
of images I've used in presentations.

Various Video
Here is another repository of video work; it includes two
subdirectories, wtc - with three 9/11 videos - and ackeretc,
which contains the old Blue Tape files as well as some related
work using motion capture equipment and AR. There are also some
texts, related to the Blue Tape, written by Ana Maria Pinaka, an
artist whose PhD thesis featured it among other works, including
her own.

The archivetree.txt is slightly out of date, but gives a good
idea of the various directories and their interrelationships.

Please contact me for further information, or any information
you might want concerning specific files. You can find out more
information about my work on Facebook, G+, and a rather outdated
Wikipedia page.

Alan Sondheim, ,
(please use both)

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