The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

February 25, 2018

surviving in america
muskrat fishing downtown, no lodge in sight
erhu set up especially for this improvisation


My Two Minute Eighteen Second Online Head Talk

A short few sentences about the future of the planet earth,
its intrepid digital knowability and consolidation of power
in the hands of a few against the popular media presenting
a young man or woman who is the One who will save the entire
Universe and perhaps the Multiverse as well in spite of some
rather troubling issues of light speed and unimaginable
distances and forces while those few (see above) manage a
nuclear landscape whose very elements are fundamental to the
planet as a whole but which in their hands which are usually
those of a single human being and most often male presuming
infinite life and power while continuing the anthropocene
slaughter of organisms at all scale worldwide reducing the
world to a veritable desert through pain and brutality while
it seems almost certain no one will be around to see the
holocaust through to its ultimate conclusion.

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