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February 28, 2018


    i alan sondheim of the united states, america am THE ONE who
will save you/ who will save the planet/ who will save the
universe/ who will save mankind/ who KNOWS BEST for you/

    I am not Schopenhauer. I am Nijinski. I am the one who dies.
One to the other is humility. The other to the one is humility.
<> <> <> <>    Sometimes failure is a sign of limitation, not of
the one. A community of many in the one, one dispersed among the
many. The ones not immediately above Alan Sondheim: struggling
with the one person who was willing to testify. So that there is
breathing. For what one is within the other, the other is within
the one. Later we asked and I will not be counted. In the
future, there will be many from the one, and many doing the
writing and you are the one doing the reading and the one and
and the one remaining cinematic or kinetic and the one will be
unaccountable and unaccounted-for. if they are the world itself. For and against, thus the
one in return and the other as the humbling graciousness of the
one or the many. This is the attitude that shows itself to be
deeply mystical.

    And this is an absolutely wonderful belief in the one and the
other, and the value of speech and the meaning of code.  In the
world is the one I don't have to write. Between the one and the
other, between the self and the one: bifurcation, even if only
of the one. but coterminous with it: to be in the one is to be
in the other.

    But it would be far worse to lose myself, and I'm the one who
needs the gods. gods gods one, no gods the one, always always
therefore the one one one - chances are, you fall by accident
into the arms of the one you come to love, closely - it's
getting nowhere but something's happening -

    Of all of you I am the one not made from death and death and
- unrecognized collapse; the one who denigration of the body,
one, then the other, then the one. Dissipation of the one,
Procurer Our Procurer One, the without One, we divide of the two
of us, of the two of us and the one of them, of the dreams. The
idea Temple, by myself, facing death and the world and the
drives, are Nikuko's as well,

    But Nora says, "Volodya, you're the one always playing games
forever. Those prisoners, they're the ones should be in charge,
and the ones are lurid objects - the ones not immediately above
as the one that dreams are made of." We are sure flames, burns
against the speech of the other inhabiting the one. flow. When
the one leaves the Right takes its place at the Left.

   And those folks ever those prisoners, they're the ones should
be in charge and the forgotten, the Name of the one. Wind and
Rain and Night. What would be for the flavors (rasa) of the one
and many for the many for the one.

    For the one incised I feel impossible pain. (I would say this
for the one incised. I must feel impossible pain. (I would say
this forward: 'I pity the river, / I pity the brook, / I pity
the one that from the viewpoint of the one, here i am writing
this with closed eyes, <> <> orig <> <> language heavenwest the

    Humans are the ones who domesticated the wild horses. I call
the one to myself, inscription. I call the other, fissure. I
came fully prepared, thank you. You are the one naked and
broken. You I continue on the one machine.

    For you, for the one I'm the one, it's me, I am born. We're
the one. But the red in and we don't want our place to flood out
the ones below us, applied directly to the one in terms of
position, counted and accountable, or uncounted and in terms of
representation - and that the one current horizon here is care.
Care creates the one, 'look here.'

    The writing makes me uncomfortable but I am the one of the
one or of the side of the other of the ones I have met. so maybe
there is of the one true tradition and miraculous intervention,
you savor the world of the other, nor for the other to know the
center of the one. of the other or of the side of the one of the

of space and time of the one or the space and of two, the one
above, below, one undifferentiated nature. although the one mind
is, it has no existence as other, therefore the one the other
way around the other so that an emergence of the same so rise
and furnace roar, one toppling the other, the other toppling the
one. role in his or her interaction.

    &    thesound of one finger stopping in the frog pond space. the
one rabbit runs straight at the other space. the one rabbit runs
straight at the other

&    the one.
&    the one about
&    the one)
&    the one about
&    the one at one kilometer was missing almost everything
&    the one below, above,
&    the one beneath the other
&    the one beneath the other
&    the one generated the other
&    the one generated the one &

    the one dah dah dah di bi baa whose heart has lost its way
the one more the Jennifer: than more Jennifer: one more The
Jennifer. the one whose heart has lost its way bi bi baah di dah
bi bi dah the other above the one the other, and the other in
the one, know that from the one, two emerge, The other must
reinscribe the one; the one must write the one. It is the other,
other through the image of the one &

    there wasn't any other susan graham, there was just the one
and today i wanted to see the one-armed teenager in the fourth
of july parade. & parade to the one, as the axiom of choice is
employed in an orderly fashion. transfer, flashcard went dead.
I'm was the one love in my somewhat crazed personal love, turned
on as well.

    were eye could, seyete already issues with surgereye, oh the
one were talking, or rather that one, the one on the left, was
talking, and what I do find is often of interest.

    World everywhere around the hollow of the one and the other)
worlds. Neti neti: neither this nor that, neither the one nor
the other;the one continuity written xt = 1, ecstasy nuzzling
itself, holding true to the one self, as you gouge the souls and
spirits of the one true tradition, miraculous!

    &&&&&  your God is the One, the only Yahweh.

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