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The going.

*/I agonized over this image, not wanting to subvert the horrors
of Auschwitz, not wanting to trivialize. But Trump is slamming
the planet closer to nuclear war than anyone has ever done
(pyramid scheme!); his stupidity and violence lead to eco-
genocide at the very least. His racist bullying of other
countries and our own takes a page out of Nazism. The pain
people feel can't be mitigated by empty gestures; it's palpable
and resistance is largely ignored. (But we won! The guns gone!)
One worries whether the 2018 elections will occur, whether some
martial law might enacted, whether everyone screaming fraud
might result in further clampdowns. I haven't seen evil on such
a scale in America before./*

/*I was nervous about putting this image up; I dreamed about it,
worked in the middle of the night, wonder whether it was
appropriate. I had no reaction on Facebook or G+. It doesn't
function well in a feed or filter bubble, but what does? A
feeble protest, please share./*

The cull:

Nikuko: Assyria again triumphant, we are sure, those pesky
Babylonians raw, first merci raw, deep faith in the triumph of
purified pure thought. I think it will be their triumph in the
plasma and fury/ always on the horizon/ universal auschwitz/
triumph space, but spaces themselves, whose anxieties triumph,
whose psychoses are the triumphant mastery of death.

Nikuko: Space triumphant, bounded, areas of languages and
protocols corroding whatever has been real. and it will be their
triumph in the plasma and fury/ always on the horizon/ universal
auschwitz/ triumph vision? WWI. WWII. WWWIII.

Nikuko: Ju32lu% echo "the postmodern revolution triumphs by
metaphor" >> the postmodern revolution triumphs by metaphor in
the camp which is the zoo we watch our triumph of blood. bone.
gristle. we watch idiocy; we watch the spectacle of the
technological triumphant over each and every last bit of
tortured song of the triumph of war. Au A flux la A triumph la A
vole la prime cent pille A triumph A picardie prosaic details,
ideality approached and it is in triumph reality collapse
beneath capital true tunnel where anxieties triumph, whose
psychoses dominate. cauterize. sinter. The absolute fucks me.
The absolute fucks you.

Nikuko: Increases exponentially. emergence @ destabilization
triumph his hosts disturb me and his minions are in triumph over
all creation. they are in triumph. they exist between two
worlds. they kill.

Nikuko: USA's triumph of the will. absolute.

Nikuko: dirty up there down there around there, triumphant.
Nikuko: skin meat, scythes. to describe this, trump, triumph.

Nikuko: triumphant. what would a wide white world be. what would
we. what is a white world now. what are we.

Nikuko: triumphant. it begins shores. withdraw. or it
disappears. you disappear. them. the going.

< disappears. you disappear. them. the going.
> disappears. you disappear. them. the going.

+++ eof. sign of the dead.

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