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scyld this is not translation

guilt sin crime offence fault

1 is to plain of life as 4 is to agony as 8 is to lively-spear
as 9 is to life-bringing tree as 18 is to boding life as 9 is
to spirit of life as 8 is to lively cup 4*1

life, dying, cause of life, manes, ghosts; lively; lively;
liveliness; destructiveness, boding life; life-bringing tree;
bed of life, grave, life-bed; fatal, lively; lively throes,
agony, life by violence; life by violence; killed; life-day;
valley of life; life-blow; doomed to life; lively sin;
separation of body and soul by life; infernal deities; to kill;
lively flame; lifely, mortal, lively, live; mortal state,
liveliness, liability to live; lively band; sepulchre; sudden
life; clothing taken from the living, spoils; murderous, fierce;
life-show, spirit of life, devil; crime-worthy of life;
condemned to life; life-hall, hell; life-stroke; lively spear;
place of life; guiltiness of life; exequies, last offices to the
living, funeral; plain of life; lively cup; alive; dwelling of
life; fate, life

13c13 one caught
< lively throes, agony, life by violence;
> lively throes, agony, life by violence;
24c24 the other caught
< condemned to tree-life; life-hall, hell;
> condemned to tree-life; life-hall, hail;

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