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gearo constellations , her voice erhu, revrev erhu, revrev

gearo, prepared, ready, equipped, finished
gearobrygd, quick movement, deft playing (of an instrument)
gearofolm, with ready hand
gearolice, readily, fully, clearly
gearo-snotor, very skillful
gearothoncol, ready-witted
gearowita, intellect, understanding
gearowitol, sagacious
gearowitolnes, sagacity
gearowyrde, fluent of speech
gearowyrdig, ready of speech
gearu = gearo
gearugangende, going swiftly
gearwe, well, effectually, sufficiently, thoroughly, entirely,
   clothing, equipment, ornament, trappings, harness, armour
gearwian, equip, prepare, facilitate, do, make ready, construct,
    erect, make, procure, supply, clothe, adorn, grant

-- A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary, 4th ed., John Clark Hall,
Cambridge, 1969 (diacritical marks removed from words)

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