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philosophy. the decay of philosophy

disgust: "Philosophy won't save our skins." (original text)

it's all decayed, worn out, done for, words, latinates, some
additions, neologisms, borrowings, gone without a trace. or the
trace below, the decay, elimination of redundancies. the bones
are as useless as anything else, data-mining consumption of
ascii byte-con production. what energy's kept me alive through
this. the original text 2007, published by Linguablanca,
Chapbook 18, editions Menu Banal. turned into sludge, slew. you
can almost smell the words coming off the page. whatever stave
of death, irreproachable, unrecognizable, useless. no room for
this. no room for text. this. no room for original.



how to begin philosophy, the process of philosophizing, an
activity, a form labor, philosopher and production. whether is
cast asunder, it interpretable, that is, translatable; remains
intrinsic act therefore bound. if bound, substance or thing
continuity its creation, some other substance, other, asunder;
production one with production; producer here beginning without
return, recourse in sense writing designating this particular
which named 'philosophy.'


such, because evidence: cannot rather return would be always
only from present present, operable upon remnant production, but
remnant, drawn into presence, re-presence. evident undoing not
doing, alters, things have altered, altered within world;
altering world. world what evident, recourse, return. unbounded,
bounded boundary delineation return; continuous unbinding.
filter. nowhere, returns nowhere.


foundation; has no neither nor without, apparatus without.
mathematics possesses every mathematical statement exists
presences. identical; unique; inescapably equivalent. identity
equivalence remain product are appears exactly equivalence.
identity, appearance equivalence, splitting perception classes
apparent whose boundaries imminent; such as projections.
projection present. history projection.


consider toaster electronic computer; anything may presencing;
order already acceptance; reduction includes; includes, at least
construct. thus panoply, then memory, enumeration,
accountability objects? these presence; they appear recuperable;
identical equivalent; appearance, genidentity; other. giving
permission killing-ground grounds philosophy; winding-sheet
assertion. man woman, organism, being, human universals,
presences accompanied by deductions, for woman recognized such;
example flesh; meat; flesh meat. recognition: problem cognitive
psychology, neurophysiology. symbolic: transformation
transforming structures, structures undergoing equivalences.
mediation: extension presencing, synchronic; never diachronic;
does live time; extend replete; fullness; fecund; potential;
potential incomplete. there completeness mathematics; mathesis.
mathesis ontology presence.


digital manipulation layers, flattening subject; flattening;
depth; depth illusion; multiple viewpoints; histories;
identities. world: stitching ontologies, suturing
epistemologies. thetic, continuously working gesture works.
language; language gestures, gesticulates. loss; hence fury
language, presence obscenities thickening, escape routes,
interjections, phonemically representation same; same other;
chiasmus: same. disturbance flattening. apparency discontinuity,
anomaly; substantive; substance. disturb - nudge initiate
bifurcation, response. limits discontinuity catatonias; analogic
inerts; limitless. epigenetic landscape: real. elementary
catastrophes their extending sheets: disturbance.


my work several decades ago (i mention relation badiou), i wrote
write farming-out; temporality, progress, resulting collocation
disciplines, subjects, specialists take care advance, increased
knowledge, goods. temporality tends towards complexity; cellular
automata can grow in-conceivably chaotic few generations.
regular reiterated death (certainly recursion leads quantitative
jumps) unimaginable; circumlocution, centrifugal forcing,
centering. "now must proceed time."; known now, processed
opposed to; was processed; then. conceived then; conceive now
conceiving; state bundle conceivings constitutes transformation;
irreversible. irreversible fact: nothing unpresent, non-present;
says "the vanished" "we've moved on."


"i such-and-such." "what being conceived? conceiving?"


now; now. smeared, fuzzy; degenerate; generate. smearing;
irrevocable; constituted otherwise. absolute embedded embedding
text memory; any memory. speak concretely: such-and-such
inscription, artifact; artifact before you; presenting virtue
your procurement. everything, world, artifact,
product-production, as, within, reconstitution; subject (who
embedded) recuperates, definition objects do not. recuperate
draw boundaries, definitions, negations: x = this; not-x that.
problematic; it's "that" fuzzy, complementary; chained;
non-existent; indecipherable; generative degenerate,
degenerative. difficulty monopole ordinary termed "lifeworld,"
daily life. lifeworld gift given; negative negation; negation
drawing. occurs, is. necessary construct; portends channeled
sphere life extended.


fiske: "discovery law gravitation, well invention superstition
hand glory, bottom case association ideas." comprehend being;
exist comprehension, understanding, association, empathy.
beings, understand association. taste, connoisseurship collector
tending final object. absolute, is? given "is given"; not;
thetic thetic; circumlocution occurs large; tendency. sex,
sexuality, love, war, hate; culture; media theory: all
farmed-out; provenance speciality. art drawing association;
reveals non-being even presentiment non-being. corruption;
preservation holds own skein decay. create bifurcate; creation
discrete, rasa exception. commonality gesticulation; gesture.
sexuality: "language thickening" [5] rupture sexuality infects
social; infection social. jouissance preservation: farmed-out
psychology; psychoanalytics; biogenetics; anthropology: central
drive emotion colors everything; presents re-presents
philosophical determinative property, boundary, territory
circumambulation. belonging; speaking carrying-out longing
belonging, lengthening situation, just dissolves belonging rites
recreate survivors. obscenity absence, impossibility, symbolic
axis interiority. spoken spoken; obscenity; pornography;
circumdiction disturbance; called therapeutic meditation;
dreamwork working-through; labor. labor exchange value use
think otherwise mistake content. lies reification; "fitting"
(bohm); materials; thought; operations across ontologies;
emotions prime numbers; bricks philosophy. valuable
valuelessness; works, through nothing; contrary wayward,
contradiction; sheffer stroke dual "neither b"; elsewhere; range
outside organization data-basing


absurdity analysis x: x-beneath-the-sign-of-y- analyzed mediated
z: z(y(x)) example; forgive errors category. loss: qua extent y
z turns away; face; x; said speciality; interconnections among
specialities; discourses specializations; analysts; perhaps
analytical discourse. opposition labor; active laborlessness
-in-production; underlies both; violence underlie both.


default we stewards earth. irresolute contradiction: ending
absence of, absented, present: but: sexuality; tropology body
absent; desire absent: remoteness fundamental beings being. "by
default": none, none our ethos: subsummation recuperation dual:
sheffer: "not both "jectivity" introjection expulsion
incorporation exculpation absolution (the register ethos)
organism relation, dialog, dialectic, imminent perceived
environment project vis-a-vis organism. giver, gift, limitless,
unbounded: stewardship default: wager local zero-sum. foundation
belief done": second jectivity, overlay ethos, spirit, passes
foundation. passing. passing such. consequence; consequence


basis decision. decision digital. bifurcation fundamental:
schrodinger cat paradox depends on it. analog waveform digital:
functioning. suturing: operation integration. side flattening:
contrast increase: differentiation. differentiation survival
analog. disturbance, suturing. worlding dialog-dialectic 13
longer speaks: speak. spoke be, speech broken very
present-presencing broken; breaks speech.


"of re-presence.'' inconceivable, return: heroic travel; birth;
wound heal; anomaly suture; analog; (mythology the) drive;
arousal satiation. as-if, fiction. loops; re-presentation
re-possess; possessions repossessions. loop transforms inherent
exchange; mathesis, capital. capital seeing eternal
as-if-i-had-known i-know; culture.


product-production culture cultural (if were stew, axiomatic;
axiomatic, exhaustion exhaustion.)


clear house: necessity god/spirit/meaning; abstracted
capitalized universals. misrecognitions, misapplications;
specific general; immanent; many one; one. occamic pragmatism;
eliminate them. service (they "serve") intrinsically; comfort;
provide matrix (as-if matrix); transcendence; warding-off death.
contradict tropes elsewhere, elsewhen; elsewise; introjected
beware capitals; capitals meaning; loop; implies foundation).
recuperate, exculpate, death). marrow farm them out; construct
theologies, emblems; (capital) emblematic. emerges (from
pre-linguistic, proto-linguistic, "chora") as-if emblematic;
emblematic situates human. "situates" "situates," situation
"situation"; generated follow-through follow difficulty;
problematic verification. adopt works; adapt. works" works you."


meanings meaning (copula included) spirits spirit spirit. last
ontological split, fueled foreknowledge death; causal
explanations events; recuperation, exculpation, random
tragedies. humans extended imminent. immanent father than eye


references (what here, references) style absorbs literally
circumlocutes, circumscribes. totality circumscriptions
disturbances constitute textuality. calling-forth follows suit,
linguistic-psychoanalytic registers. virtual; virtual (as-if)
virtual. technology, tacit knowledge avatar, augments
augmentation filters (appears filter) distort; generate
(ontological fecundity), multiply-connected manifolds
(epistemological fecundity). inner speech, historicity fecundity
interiority; discourse philosophical.


symbol ligament avatar; referent gesture; procures body;


inhabits symbolic; matter consciousness; manner worlding;
inhabitation. solely human; earth": precisely power;
vectorization vectorization: physical culture, sprawl.


distinctions protocols interfaces; interface protocol; protocol
each pole ("poles") participates external protocol:
inconceivable content, subjectivity; internal: invisibility,
objectivity. gps vlf radio: measurement skein. required
visibility, protein? perceptual knowledge; functionality.
etiquette let first foremost exclusionary. cybernetic feedback
designates. distinguish, integration dialectic. unread;
transparent, readable. time three-dimensional map planet sun
available visual search placenames desktop configuration
sufficient power. mute inverse stewardship; serve; serve-to.
interfaces end-points; bridge continue flow. mind locates
nowhere; located extensions center, presencing present; nowhen;
nowhen. purpose pare; pare ladder propositions. purpose;
exhibition; exhibition venue; chatters; doing reading
continuation doing. pretense interface; problematizes protocols.


promised you journey conceptualization imagination; imaginary.
loops looping; fits fit; fit incommensurate. integrate:
apparition (which appears); differentiate: reality appears;
apparent). particulation, particulate matter; emission;
gathering." reverse out there, possibly b, b; b. distance:
neighborhood: absorption. abacus infinitely fine grain base
infinity; extraordinary signifies framework. once dialectic
clearly resolution leap; tendency bootstrapping elsewhere.
instead: information, absolutely mute: indiscernible processes.


invisible: seen surface granite hides interior grains.
granularity inaccessible; serves make substance; cloak
masquerade. microscopy farming-out. microscopes/telescopes
reveal everything occurrences ontologically-cohering
n-dimensional manifolds. be; leveled, intertwined, intermingled,
mingled, muxed. goes so far portal universal origin, "big bang"
inflation, accelerator energy conceivably "new" unexpected
phenomena forever limitation economics (brillouin). satisfies;
ontologies enumerated, epistemologies theoretically-infinite
tolerances; ennui (that surely different) boredom different
well) defuge same). might say "condition age." course
thing-in-itself; others.


condition "organism inhabitation." steward symbolic, emergence
ecology. ground ecology: non-existent, function ethos. ethos
consensual, boot-strapped; implicated in, implicates, ecological
presupposes states innocence, pre-symbolic; corrupts, corrupted;
coheres language. steering-mechanism survival; argue symmetry
beauty; inherency (rights, behaviors, cultures) organisms;
functional attribution (medical discoveries, cleaner air):
framed, frameworked, farmed-out. this? lessons? ought: ought
survive? contested. agree, agree violently, irrelevant; impinge
design. intruders; will that, found happenstance; belief, plays
role. trick transcendence, ignore immanence, violate slightest
absolute; sublimation sublime. need fight?


animals rights? humans? "have"? inherency, granting? designates
social? "natural-social"? rights ad hoc; situational; communal;
group-identified; legislated; unjust. appeal justice; justice
justice. 26 issues articulated; self-organize; structuralist
territorialization; disappearing beyond beyond) when ego this,
short-circuits. surface, ""my" violence" "on "your" design".
normal non-paradigmatic; biography behind. corners text;
self-references; deconstructs. retreat. emphasize shame writing,
written-tawdry, embarrassment produce withdraw.)


mathematics, 0 discursive tokens, floating signifiers. presents,
exculpates; withdraws, absolves. multiplicity; look articulation
quickly power sets, chaos, differentiations, growth: degree-zero
analogic. ruptured close sight, smoothes farther; latent,
developed much photographic plate. set-theoretical paradoxes
rubble ideal forms light continuum hypothesis choice hypothesis;
someone something way another axiomatics, infinities. structure
sets parameters define is; ab nihilo, virtual, real, stochastic,
chaotic, certain dimensions, tolerances, exhaust. message
elsewhere interpretation. lesson: withdrawn favor of; result
eye. withdrawn, withdraws.


organism-situated-in-the-world, human- situation; elsewise
ultimate species: employ human? answers part ethos-dependent,
dependent disciplinary values. concerned ulteriority,
exteriority, intrinsic; employed; limit phenomena: give name
containment / universal. veer; veered. organisms concerned;
concern characteristic organism; concern; negation. filtered
farmed-out, living. filtered? either recognition misrecognition
deconstruction circumlocution; circumscription ==> presentation
withdrawal (not of) defuge, discomfort problematic.
simultaneously absorbed negated, cathected decathected;
pornography usage, waste. name, characterology, tropology;
reflection. reflection accoutrements. reflection-upon; "upon"
require intentional object, state, process; decathected. neutral
interest altogether.


"how production." been done, here. cleared cleared, having
begun, continue; summary conclusion: avoid both, rag-tag
description, explanation, epistemological flattening,
adjudication emblematic, wanting. tread visible, indiscretions;
textuality, fear self-reference, defuge. guide stars. faith,
faithful. mute, flattened. speaks, writes, accomplished;
accomplished, declarative performative. pixellation, dominates
those texts nourish dark night soul. soul, variegated
epistemologies, framing. thing; another; puns undermine little
belief. rewriting writing. construction this. future anterior:
appearing; appeared; appearing. (this online writing;
being-online; procurement description veer swerve; history.)


(by mean meaning, anterior, completed.) [none forthcoming]

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