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Azure on the Ice, first time in 24 years

Then there was a background song which YouTube was able to
remove; it actually sounds better without it:

"skate - Your video has copyrighted audio that may affect its
availability or result in ads being shown. While no action is
required, if you wish to edit your video to address this, then
you can attempt to remove the Content ID claimed song (below),
or overlay new audio (right)."

"Remove a Song - Beta One track found in your video - Logic -
We weren't able to erase this song. You can revert back to the
original audio or use the mute option (right) to remove the
claim. Mute this song "

But they did erase it, said the background song was protected
world-wide by international copyright.

figure skating jumps. each jump is ... a skater vaults off the
toe pick of skates ... ... turns counterclockwise on the ice,
standing on the left leg ... any help from a toe pick or a
swinging free ... the skater starts by skating backwards on two
feet ... ... edge free skate lift toe pick. 5. a ice to assist
in the ... which skaters use their toe pick and take off on
tuning. Injured skater up on Community. Have them come to door
#6 on same; there is a river of wool between us. Gravity holds
the skate against like an ice skater had left them. The glitter
was tough in this place, 990803 23:02:21 Receiving: lakes and
oceans, skates and manta-ray Illustrated, Reader's Digest,
plastic toys, plastic toy guns, skates, almost in tears, as the
Chinese pair skated to second place after a fall there's ice to
assist in the ... which skaters use their toe athletic.

body-calling. for it is the _freest_ body, as offered athletic
or ztcru ma subject: be sexy and athletic brimproves mental
clarity and classical technique, athleticism and just the
slightest touch of ligh. reading of artistry/athleticism
/femininity at the deconstructive heart of the competitor,
who is denied the "purity" of men's athletic discourse, the
athletic, the artistic, as if these categories are not already
late organisms, continuous neoteny universal athletic screen
keyboard mouth's sways, taken up with sonority, it moves
athletically - which my other end, from one to the other,
athletic, an encompassing, or heights of strings, something of
an athletic undertaking among skaters and their toes <<<

YouTube asked the "<<<" be removed from the description, which
could contain no carets.

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