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March 28, 2018

the fingers, the cool

fingers his
fingers stroke
fingers. never
fingers calling me) * chiasm calling among crossed purposes and
fingers alive; dead. the stuff around him created
fingers, o alan alan alan
fingers and arms and breasts and legs and elbows
and necks and faces and arms and things and other stuff and
fingers, the encodings and decodings, murmurs of the machinic,
fingers and hand and nail, the pressed strings, and the
fingers. neck and backpains are common in the wilderness. with great
fingers - everything carries ghosts - stantiation. ghosts
fingers stall, breathe, coupled hard with chills and then some
fingers - impossible division and
fingers up and down the uncomfortable plateaus has its notes its
fingers continue to emerge, sprout, from phantom limbs. sullen hands
fingers ringinged unclear exactly congoinged underinged dinged
fingers into your eyes? you will see something you will not believe. i
fingers through my fingers, taking control of the keyboard, forcing
me to touch your
fingers harmonized. program, fit sense harmonization) not; does.
fingers - especially for right-hand. i've worked out ways to play the
fingers it's a form o the takes legs are two right... form neaver
fingers fitting forgive getting graders graphic by pleased play
fingers in me, golden metal nuzzling teeth now there is this
fingers. she never had enough time, nations, voices, sexes, genders,
fingers hold your hand your arm. held fast whole and your hand is
fingers curl from hands worn with comforting
fingers clutched at him; he winces, she's speaking silencing his
fingers? flesh @rots. i wanna @bury alan. sorry, ment ear
fingers follow as if in (natural) kinds. a stretch may
fingers take off independently --
fingers as metaphysics is approached, the idiocy of the real and
fingers are invisible, it's the physical against the physical, sound
fingers alive 'between' codes with
fingers against the keys - and writing is a form of unacknowledged
fingers on dead keys suspect; you weren't returned anything for your
fingers on the keys. because i'm gone by the time you read this
- because
fingers which no longer write, spoken by mouths that no longer
fingers, toes, legs, love sex then won't speak!
fingers. risky gamble maverick guitar guitarina. balance embedding
fingers that worry me like a bunch of listless dogs, betimes)always
fingers, refuse to miniaturize. the sheer apparent intelligence
fingers and wet mouths and hands. now you see what happens to me,
fingers do not. my fingers are concerned with dance, with
fingers joined to my hands, arms back where they belong
fingers will be next, everything on my hands collapsing; already
fingers, "the tenor of my speech, the limpidity of my gaze"
- it's the
fingers twisted around organs, in some point active
fingers dance! train-wreck strikes again! other
fingers of my right hand, which give me considerable speed. there are
fingers itself in the exchange. the latter, a phallic trinity for the
fingers fly from the keyboard, no longer articulate their clean and
fingers in motion, the light weight of the instrument, the
fingers hovering above the tumescent fretboard, a sense of frisson,
fingers, hardness of the wood neck, delicacy of the body. and
playing fast,
fingers are broken, they are joining multitudes, there are so many
fingers, tubes, bones, things so obscene they coat the earth,
fingers and two thumbs to distribute. and for six, you may have a
fingers sprout branches, toes forth from my hole, first the s, then
the p then spot on those
fingers, itch giving way to momentary pain.:knees and shoulders:neck
fingers and also will speak to them, people will have
fingers and also will speak to them. striking on strings left on
fingers are pained with the strings, wrists pained with the
fingers around what would be transformed into anyone
at all and someone with a cool jump guitar

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