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April 3, 2018

Multiple and Two-Way Net Communications, Synchronous and Asynchronous

This file was originally created around in 1995-96 ;
it describes relatively early Net applications and
communications strategy. It has historic interest,
and also presents a number of models of open free
applications, with a minimum of corporate control.

The file was used for presentations and classes.

Multiple and Two-Way Net Communications, Synchronous and Asynchronous

Mostly Sync:

     -   LambdaMoo (MOO server and database core)
     -   LilyMOO (MOO database core)
     -   MUCK (furrymuck for example)
     -   MUSH
     -   MOOSE (k12 programming)
     -   MUD (dikumud for example)
     -   LPMUD (programmable)
     -   Hotel California (talker)
     -   Lorien (talker)
     -   Nuts (talker)
     -   Summink (talker)
     -   Zone (talker)
     -   Haven (talker)
     -   Nuts (talker)
     -   Internet Relay Chat (w/dcc file exchange)
     -   Ytalk (Unixtalk)
     -   Talk, Ntalk
     -   WorldsChat (graphic)
     -   ThePalace (graphic)
     -   Iphone (audio)
     -   Powwow (multiple ytalk, audio)
     -   CuSeeMe (video w/audio, chat)

Mostly Async:

     -   Listserv (email list)
     -   Majordomo (email list)
     -   Listproc (email list)
     -   Email Alias List (small email list)
     -   Email
     -   WWW Updating Homepage (slow chat, some graphics)
     -   Newsgroup moderated +/- alt +/- registered +/- (Usenet)
     -   Newsgroup single-poster (e.g. (Usenet)

Name  Mode      Software  Demograph Community Governance Usage     Filter

IRC  txt   Phoenix        Conf/Univ. Y   Op/Sysadmin/Ban  Convo  Ban/Various
MOO  txt   lambdacore w/tf  Wide/Program YY Wiz/Toad       Convo/Sex/Ed/Res
MUD  txt   lpmud etc. w/tf  Male/Uni  YY    Wiz/Toad       Game
WorldsChat VRML             ?? +/- Usenet ??   ???         Convo/Sex  ???
ThePalace Graphic ThePalace   Wide  YY      Wiz/Sysadmin?  Wide, Ed  Active
Talker txt Nuts           Wide      YY      God/Wiz        Sex/Ed/Convo Yes
Talker txt Haven          ???       Y       God            Re: IRC    ???
CuSeeMe Video/txt CuSeeMe  Wide     --     ---         Convo/Conf/Sex Address
Talk   txt  Talk,Ntalk     Wide     N     None             Convo/Sex   Yes
Ytalk  txt  Ytalk          Wide     N     None         Convo/Sex/Conf  Yes
Powwow txt/Audio PowWow    Wide     Y     Powwow       Convo          Address
Iphone Audio  Iphone       Wide     N     ---          Telephony      Address
Email List txt Listserv    Wide     YY     Owner       Wide, "Serious" Yes
Email List txt Majordomo,Procmail, etc. (same, with different filtering)
Newsgroup txt+files Usenet  Wide, Uni YY  ---  Moderator    Wide        No
Email txt+files Various    Wide     N     ---  Sysadmin     Wide        +/-
Email Alias txt+files Various Wide  N     ---  Sysadmin     Small Group Yes
Home Page Wide  Wide(Netscape) Wide N     ---  Sysadmin     Local       No

Other attributions:

hacking, level of expertise necessary, computer system
necessary, level of noise, problems of lag, security


CMC Landscapes:

  Uses for Communication: Anything at All

 	Family (email alias lists, home pages, email)
 	Education (MOO universities, class email lists, student home pages)
 	Sexual (net sex, sexual support groups, IRC, newsgroups)
 	Support-groups (medical, addictions, see Needs)
 	Technical/Consumer (Usenet, email lists, WWW)
 	WWW (active or passive pages)
  Reduction of Anomie:
 	Expert Systems (linkages, invisible colleges):
 			News (newsgroups, WWW, etc.)
 			Medical (email lists, newsgroups, etc.)
 			Emotional/Psychological (IRC, email, " ")
 			Resources (scientific, hytelnet, etc., WWW, " ")
 			Sports (email lists, newsgroups)
 			Music (real audio, Iphone, Xing, etc., " ")
 		Gaming (MUDs, IRC, email, newsgroups, etc.)
 	Community: [Wherever two-way multiply-connected communication is
 	Shared Gain and Pain: [Above categories plus financial]


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