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April 13, 2018

bird and rock formations, bodies in extension
beavertail state park, harlequin ducks
bodies in extension
hidden shore, marble and sedimentary layers
beavertail state park, purple sandpipers
hidden shore, dimpled and perforated rocks

garage waving packed parking lot, sedimentary harlequinade,
musical musical, on the time when a rare appearance in these
parts of harlequin should i attack the harlequin duck, so
beautiful. perforated space splayed for reply or deletion and
therefore fragile, the announced, transmitted across perforated
boundaries required to interpret distorted language, broken
semantics; perforated codes are codes, signal loads, perforated
city is sumerian uru, perforated by a stick or stylus into clay,
the surface perforated with broken, split, charred, burned, and
crust from itself, purple sweetness soaking through purple hazy
days i'm typing again blood-red letters against black, the
slight purples i had purple gallinul, cypress, red-backed
turtle, peninsula cooter, poisonwood, immured imp impa
impdicomexe imperial imperialpurple impromptumeet improper
improv purityofheart purpledotted underlines push wall (purple
pass), the purple (deep-red) cormorant glottography tongue
writing vilipheno vile purple-red dotted hollows, curls almost
holding true of particles purple blue & pink wild goose gate &
the great wall, the (purple pass)


in the ruins, furoshiki video of exploration and loss

visiting the ruins of the catastrophe, locked out of the virtual
world, returning, a few things left, most settled beneath the
surface of the planet, nothing working as it should, the last
image the face of the creator (it must be assumed), nothing to
do, the avatar movement (it must be assumed my movement) broken
irretrievably, there's no way out of this, where's the sysadmin,
is rebuilding even possible, does anyone even care any more,

keywords: virtual world, ruins, catastrophe, hysteria, collapse

all of you. We're in the ruins. We're jammed with you in us.
We're jammed in chaos. There is respite in the ruins. Nothing
worse can happen, can it? destroyed by fire. - An unknown man
buried in the ruins; many badly mutilated. Avatars. And rarely,
there's no community in the ruins, in the debris, it's the
destruction, even of chaos.

is chaos. there is respite in the ruins.
in the ruins of my work in opensim
for those living in the ruins of countries
in the ruins of countries lent to the sublime:
the ruin of the virtual is the virtual ruin: tatters!

*//and speed. we do not forget the speed. the fury within the
ruins, the fury without. we pack up the speed. we mount it.//*

Fri Apr 13 15:03:01 EDT 2018
no orFri Apr 13 15:03:57 EDT 2018
at Fri Apr 13 15:04:03 EDT 2018

Fri Apr 13 15:03:01 EDT 2018
hereFri Apr 13 15:03:05 EDT 2018
weFri Apr 13 15:03:09 EDT 2018
aredevouringFri Apr 13 15:03:16 EDT 2018
each-other's Fri Apr 13 15:03:23 EDT 2018
nowFri Apr 13 15:03:37 EDT 2018
youFri Apr 13 15:03:39 EDT 2018
longerFri Apr 13 15:03:52 EDT 2018
there Fri Apr 13 15:03:55 EDT 2018
restFri Apr 13 15:04:06 EDT 2018
Fri Apr 13 15:04:07 EDT 2018



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