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April 25, 2018

then video */long/* injected sound particle

video at the end of the world
my future beyond my future
unresponse to the end of the world
six inimitable moments and their cessation
unresponse to dark ecology

Ruptures in the calculus:
     the tortured or wounded body
     the body convulsed in pain
     the catatonic body
     the terrorized body
     the broken or 'defective' body

Ruptures through the imaginary:
     the nightmare
     the orgasm
     hysteria/ boundaries of laughing and crying
     the confined body/ body of s/m
     the forgotten or abandoned body
     the hyper-sexualized body transmitters/ receivers
     hallucinations and other phenomena (Dendy's Philosophy of Mystery)

Ruptures of the body invaded by capital:
     X-scopic surgeries
     rfid implants

Ruptures of the body invaded by the imaginary:
     (capital of the imaginary, imaginary capital)
     psycho-tropics/overdetermined associations/disassociations

Ruptures of the body by an augmented real:
  sports, steroids, body-building, and so forth

dark ecology x, annihilation x, absence x, six moments x,
improvisation x


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