The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

May 7, 2018

better sarangi

the sound follows me, will follow me, better music.
i think sometimes better music is more interesting
than no music at all and i'm really sure of this.
it's a sin of pride in the production of better music.
this better music and better memory and space-time
expansion, i could go on but you get the draft.
better music? of course, what else on a warm spring day! -
and i'm outside and thinking about starlings and badgers.
I am fairly happy to play better music. yes i am.

i can for the life of me and the planet make this sarangi
sound fairly good. my play is better than that. the music
is interesting and more than that. i'll have good dreams
over this. i hope it leads to peace. it's simply the best
i can do now. i can't believe i did this. i can't.
oh my god i did it!

better sarangi. better better sarangi.
better better sarangi is me.

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