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May 26, 2018

Two brilliant pieces on five and three string instruments! * banjo qifteli

my amazing repertoire... , Albanian qifteli, Philadelphia banjo
these instruments are honored by my playing,
my playing is the Olympics of fast and complex music
my repertoire, which changes each and every time
i play these for you, Azure, my love!
brilliant! there is no turning back!

It's brutal; it catalyzes behavioral repertoires - states jump
and stylized gestures reference a repertoire, of course; they
must be within the diegesis; I flow and flood.

In this sense, all repertoires are accumulations of conventions
and genre; maybe with what I do, there is no repertoire, just
these things that flood, flow about, all going back to a
response of song, living and dying, a potential series of
actions, in other words, a troika of the concrete.

Alan Dojoji: "I began by thinking about the repertoire of being-
human - in other words what might be considered a soft or silent
repertoire, the symptom of being alive; let us say all
repertoires are symptoms, as well as a poetics of being alive,
poetics of the symptoms themselves."

What I create can only be creative commotion on the lip, edge,
or brink; these are experiences, sacraments of behaviors, that
accompany and inform me.

Repertoire of the commons, of the tools, of practicality and
impracticality. Repertoire which makes the diegetic possible.

The musical diegetic: where are we in listening to signifying
and signifying3?

Where are we listening to anything?
Where are we?


* to be precise, one five and one three string instrument **
** two instruments to be precise ***
*** that is, one after the other

<or brink; these are experiences, sacraments of behaviors, that
>or brink; these are experiences, sacraments of behaviours, that

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