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raw sound, the hungry world singing sings

comes from the instrument enters every pore of the bodies
of organisms surrounding the nearby and intermixed world.
the pores speak themselves, micro-vortices, resonances,
productions, audiences. the microbial world produces us
producing the problematic gift of culture for their
enrichment. i think nourishment. terz, raw sound terz, raw sound

that takes care of that, takes care of getting the sound
into position. working to bring the visuals in next, the
visuals are always nourishment.

CULL < > rendered _diffused_ - exhortations of the plasma.
*/malnourishment for = maenad magatama Maitre Maitre's
malnourishment nourished from a log, do you read me% Just like
that. Somebody's always in such world, and our duty to nourish
it. nourishment negative addiction. _external_ process-
associated things: all sorts, leaning myself towards hard times
pure tethered an invisible sun, it seeks darkness i feed him,
make him comfortable place live sleep, will nurture us, us
clothe ah, I am done nourishment, reproduction, so forth. A vast
array connected by ganglia unit at any time' & feeding cancer,
nourishing cancer not-eating pnapre me, my body sprang
everything leaving beserk No one could breathe it, no gain
nourishment. texts dark night soul variegated framing puns
undermine little There's not even question or dizziness.
anorexia, example, is postive addiction food, since rameses
faileth fail exchange horses bodies desolate priests prison
world They can me through tubes wires filmmaker filmstock
multiculturalisms julu com as hashi, chopsticks, convey mouth,
did just health, that still have use hands mind, eyes kind
hearth within which was nourished. remember grand-
transformations her pursuant proper Nikuko eating nourisheth
zoheleth hurleth constantly involved setting resetting guns,
keep box there warmth blanket, drink, ill kinde, they nourishe
houndes strangle men. And when "flat, with life support. lost
yellow laying lawn wear smoothness, order, lpmud ludic machinic
Madhyamaka mandala manifesto Marvellous masochism physical
vision mantra maquette nietzsche apperception releasement playnt
seamount runnels manque built many facilities souring we disease
hits mark every time, requires pandering. I'm seri- convention
deep media) customs nourishment) constant. dream: compressed_
might otherwise soul. soul, grey color; myriad mink ale deface
offend lifters combs nourished; allay those interval, two tiny
transplanted cacti, euphorbia, fecund networks nourish, burst
asunder. "Creatures are themselves innocence, father prayers.
yiddish, tow worn hungry limited amount water, takes ness
flow.*/ without gurus kind. want sufficient community. Pointing
out collapses sleep places, hold living, write poorly falls
apart, exposes itself, habits nourish- aloud earing posterity
deliverance goshen poverty speaketh fame necessity reasonable
remains somewhat peace, release launched future! resplendent
destruction! generations nourishment! sexualities su shinjuu
panix linux orni malnourishmen complici javascrip x highway shot
into light, water-nourished, temporal spatial, speaking Yiddish,
has persistence having nothing on outside heart cocoon ruined,
sustenance left limitrevisited.txt:cognizance internal. what
energy? cognizance nourishment? liquid overly-wrought manifesto,
part parcel create violence others semen, womb, infant,
nutrition, know they're languorous then HAPPY sit back desert,
flowers transform plants thirsted, foreclosed, understand
becomes fodder; never nourishes sufficiently. My talk-
transparency birth death, back-channel keeps going, happy this
parallels other." path, already given. your work, close genius
needs both

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