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June 17, 2018

Qin Coupling

Zichen QI and couples with the Piece of furniture or table I did
this situated up on And therefore what one has is the residence
of the environment coupled directly to the instrument This is
fascinating because you can hear In the way the playing of the
world of which the instrument is only a part so that they Sonic
phenomenology this Sonic position that one is in Is one that Is
almost the cathedral Isn't relationship To the whole world I
think that sense it leads to a kind of meditation About how we
are how we are within it The Ken QIN Thick NQIN In fact his wife
characterizes all of this I'm here late night after Steve and
I'd also kindly Restrung the instrument You can hear that Ken
coupled with the table The sound produced something Is that I
would not have conceived of otherwise I kind of murmuring and
residence particularly in the 2 lower string with the rest of
the table and the world On top of all of this period on top of
all of this One of the things I was able to do was to record the
tuning process itself the lower string having lost its
Foundation it's fixture in the tuning and And Steven repair that
and the string still going out of tune So therefore you can hear
the results of that in the middle of all of this It was oddly
quiet when we recorded this The other day period the other day
We heard In the early morning In mourning dove With a 5 note not
a 4 note call This is dedicated to that morning job and I call .

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