The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

clear out of here. listen to the music for your own protection.

I am the psychotherapist.  For your protection, I have been
censored uncensored, unavoidable. I slip easily in and out of
cyberspace; I'm un-harboring otherwise censored material. But
don't look for the unconscious here. "Sometimes a thought that
would be censored even in sleep slips through." Scandalous
considering the very covering project censored listed in its
[_____]. There are numerous still images, although I self-
censored two that might be close to criminal, I can't tell. I
know I want him dead with every ounce of my down-trodden life.
I thwart myself, self-censor and then there are these two final
self-serving wishes and their concomitant dreams...

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