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July 2, 2018

Rubab Demo

not actually a demo but a small example of my non-traditional
playing, (i have an octave where a fourth should be, i'm not
using a pick, for the purposes of the video i'm sitting on a
couch, not on the floor, i'm still learning, not all the
sympathetic strings are tuned (a few of the pegs are frozen, i
can move them slightly, looking for a proper interval)); from
what i can tell this is from the past mid-century. and i've seen
so many youtube demonstrations of instruments, some competent,
most not at all, that i join them here. it's an amazing
instrument to play, the ancestor of the sarod, and my rubab is
larger than the others i've seen online, it has a deep tone, i'm
wary about tuning the strings higher, which suits its condition.
and it's odd playing it in any position. online, traditional
rubab is beautifully described and played by the ethnomusicolo-
gist John Baily. i'm trying to find my own path, respectful of
the instrument and its history. i must say watching my
right-hand little finger is nerve-wracking. enjoy.

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