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July 23, 2018

2015 bawu murk sonnet bawu, revrev

murk sonnet

us!"}, {"giggle", "%n engages in murky but uproarious giggling,
embarrassing wars. down the recessed halls of communications,
things get worse and returns within the sonnet itself wiggling,
alan-vandal issues, the bloody murder blot be all thumbs behead!
the wires burn with your murky embrace that might lurk rations
carry dirk in all this murk. oh sweet, milky murky colors wed!"

plasma and murky fuzzy doldrums and we starve murky slugged-vine
hungs duwn truiling frum durk-wull, skein-cutchers uf optics
hurtling pseudonym after pseudonym across the murky gloom-mine
appearance, think of rumblings underground, murky entrail-wicks
rhizomes, connected and located in the murky articulation of
unbounded thought and aesthetic interference love.

read as gloomy, dim, sullen, murky, obscure that might lurk,
and carry dirk in all this work & i died inside the murk.

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