The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

July 26, 2018

american life / ambush
rubab with noise reduction

the ambush to come / american life / from all sides /
those of the liberal persuasion / semiotic splatter /
the ruin of the memory of music / the new music /
the them / where a thousand fighting men in ambush lie?
solo for the ambush on all sides

"the semiotics of splatter considers splatter as world-breaking
and fast-forward tendencies towards mobile boundary closures;
this leads to splatter semiotics, where the terms form a field
that remains always already ruptured. This is the semiosis of
the overloaded or hacked network, the network of fake news and
fake apps, the explosive and turbulent behavior of the media-
sphere itself" the granularity of the _continuous ambush,_
resisting emergent phenomena, the scattered forces on the ground
and in the air, the turbulent wakes of rockets and boats crashed
in no discernible order, the girt steel of the modulated rubab,
crushed noise, the phenomenology of the _iron beam,_ we in their
mercy _running everywhere_

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