The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

August 6, 2018

Sway, Conjure rebab (earphones necessary)

experimental rebab, my ghosts surround me, my mental tornado, my
tunnels, my tunnels merging, of them no end, nothing, noh

or i hear ghosts and then they are none other than my body
apart, pieced together, sutured, so many of them that i
suffocate within the yarn-skein i have constructed from my bones
and skin, whatever pieces are sounding here

experimental music x, experimental rebab x

(it should be played with a pick, with clarity, not with a phone
camera, fingers finding themselves searching among the strings.
it should be tuned far better than i tune, the pegs should be
refitted, the strings should be changed. it should be everything
i'm not, well-played by a good player. but i honor the
instrument as best i can, the world grows dark, i play.)

all effects the result of codec transformations. what emerged,

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