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August 11, 2018

Eternal Patterns

the beautiful eternal patterns of the world
long may they live before us and after us
oh rainbows and miracles of waves and forms
everything sublime remains with us
the world of crescents and astonishing beauty
awake i lie at nights and worship you
o crescent waves o patterns o rimbaud
you have shown the way to nature's loveliness

It appears that my speaker's page at the upcoming ELO conf. has been hacked (or 
web error? the page info looked clean?)

- if it's cleared up, here's the original hack -

No idea why - none of the other pages I looked at had this problem.

I'm talking a bit about hacking, maybe this is an early response?


- Alan, wondering if this has to do with my recent texts -

Problem fixed! Turned out it was a server-side issue, no idea what!


Best!, Alan

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