The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

August 12, 2018

indo european rebab crossroads

Maria Damon, voice
Alan Sondheim, rebab

Word islandings of interrelations apparently crossing indo-
europeans and their indo-european origins wandering from the
islands. around here somewhere, clamp or clump, viscosity and
bulging, "Let's Extend the 'it' beyond the indo-european to
endings" - from indo-european to the absence of the subject in
the sentence, or not - "the introduction" possesses roots
looping back even to the indo-european clusters / constellations
- the spread of phenomenological number systems, schisms. indo-
european thought and the "introduction" developed first in early
India besides concrete and confused examples earlier on needing
"introductions," and in spite of massive clusters or what were
considered "false introductions" (leaving the reader hanging) or
constellations - the spreading of dismal phenomenological worlds
that later ended up in Luxembourg.

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