The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

Crystal City Sonic Beacon

crumble criante cricket crisper crypter cubilot cubique cuboide
ciao ciel cime cine cinq cire cixi clam clan clap clas clay clic
bayard bayern bayeux bayrou beagle beance beante beaton beauce
solon sonal sonar sonde songe sonne sorbe sorel sorgo sorte

audio w/ camera coupled to plate glass, and in other situations
hollowed murmurs, machinery, occasional vocalizations, city
speech. c'est chic and swell

deflections displacements deferments detours detainments
from where / to where? there are ghosts in these machines in
each and every tongue, pierced and coupled

: the language which shattered the tongue of the body's tongue
against language itself. my tongue deconstructed by placid
Europe's frozen assets, liquidities of assignations. a beacon
of hope. a secret message. eye to ear.

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