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Future Speed Future 1

Working on a new cd - Sure I play as fast as possible By every
means possible Working in ways in which I try not to repeat
things I already know But to try to harness speed without being
That much aware of what I have done before So that it is future
speed future and this is future speed future one And so I am
riding the contour I am riding the contour of what I am hearing
And my fingers flailing about As if I wear under control Or that
the music was with in control Which the music is not and I am
not and this is the result And I can think of a whole CD which I
am working on now Which will have this as its content As its
fundamental or basic content And that's what I will be doing In
terms of music for the next few months period so this . This
period an attempt To work with violin And in this case a 5
string violin And also a cure a sauce With kurista rings Tu nhi
.  a cura saz with cura strings / to be sure i play / as if i
were under control / music was within control // 5 string not so
fast / too much wandering / consonance //


(for those still interested btw, here's the final elo paper -
supercedes the others - )

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